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A ProAssurance agent or sales representative will be happy to assist you in applying for medical, hospital, or dental professional liability coverage. Select your coverage type, state, and county below to find contact information. For legal professional liability coverage, please visit

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ProAssurance companies provide professional liability policies through knowledgeable agents and sales representatives who know your local practice environment.

You can download a copy of the application that matches your practice or entity’s specifics. This will enable you to see the information needed before a ProAssurance company can issue a firm quote. We welcome you to complete and then submit an application through one of the agents or sales representatives shown from your search above.

Find Applications for Physicians, Dentists, and other Healthcare Professionals.

Visit the LawyerCare website for Legal Professional Liability Applications.

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ProAssurance companies offer professional liability insurance for a variety of professionals including physicians, dentists, healthcare entities, and lawyers.

There are three major areas every company should be able to explain to you clearly and to your satisfaction:

  • What type of defense does the policy I pay for provide? Are you buying "settlement" insurance with your premium? This means that even if you did nothing wrong—and could likely be successfully defended—your case is settled, leaving you with no control and a stain on your record. You want to confirm whether you have access to an unfettered defense (no limit on the number of experts used, etc.); these resources can be critical to your public record and the future premiums you pay. ProAssurance companies offer an unfettered defense in most states—and doesn't do so in states and with products where that strategy doesn't make sense for our clients.
  • What is the track record of the insurance company? How many cases do they take to jury trial? How many years have they been offering this coverage? What is their operational philosophy? ProAssurance companies try a record number of cases annually (the vast majority successfully). Each ProAssurance company has decades of experience. And all ProAssurance companies are governed by our Treated Fairly® philosophy.
  • What are the financial assets and ratings of the company? Recent financial sector turmoil clearly illustrates why you want to choose stable, financially-secure companies for your coverage. Ratings companies (like A.M. Best) annually provide reports on many companies. In addition, you want to confirm whether the company you are considering can "assess" you in future years (even during retirement) beyond the policy premium you pay. Many decide the increased risk and uncertainty is not worth it. Fitch assigns a rating of "A" to ProAssurance and its subsidiaries. A.M. Best assigns ratings of "A+" (Superior) to the ProAssurance Group (ProAssurance Casualty, ProAssurance Indemnity and ProAssurance Specialty), and “A” (Excellent) to PICA, Medmarc, and Noetic. We have also been selected as a “Ward’s 50” company seven years in a row—for excellence in management and stability.

Professional liability insurance is one of the most complex insurance products available. We aim to make it as simple as possible, so that you can make a choice that is the right fit for you.