Corporate Governance - Management

W. Stancil Starnes, J.D.
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Michael L. Boguski
President, Eastern Insurance

Jeffrey L. Bowlby
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Professional Liability Group

Kelly B. Brewer
Chief Accounting Officer

Howard H. Friedman, ACAS
President, Healthcare Professional Liability Group; Chief Underwriting Officer and Chief Actuary

Jeffrey P. Lisenby, J.D.
Corporate Secretary, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel

Frank B. O'Neil
Senior Vice-President, Chief Communications Officer

Mary Todd Peterson, CPA
President, Medmarc Casualty Insurance Company

Edward L. Rand, Jr., CPA
Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer

Ross E. Taubman, D.P.M.
President and Chief Medical Officer, Podiatric Insurance Company of America (PICA)

Darryl K. Thomas, J.D.
Chief Claims Officer and Senior Vice-President

Hayes V. Whiteside, M.D.
Senior Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer