Insurance Solutions for D.C. Doctors

You can feel confident that your medical professional liability policy with ProAssurance offers increased peace of mind. More physicians in D.C. choose ProAssurance for professional liability insurance than any other carrier. We are a leading insurer nationwide. With strength in and out of the courtroom, financial stability, and added benefits, ProAssurance is a competitive, leading national insurer.

Serving the D.C. Area Since 1980

ProAssurance’s local expertise has served the D.C. area through changing healthcare liability environments. In 2005, ProAssurance acquired NCRIC Group, Inc., which served D.C. physicians and adjacent Mid-Atlantic states since 1980

Choose to be Treated Fairly

You want a trusted source you can rely on to be treated fairly and protect your good practice of medicine. ProAssurance has been an endorsed medical professional liability carrier by the Medical Society of the District of Columbia (MSDC) since 1980. MSDC members receive exclusive risk management support, seminar discounts, and more.

Get Rewarded Sooner

Your choice to stay with ProAssurance gets rewarded sooner after your first three consecutive years of your policy. You’ll receive 3 percent premium credit on your policy’s next renewal premium in our Longevity Credit Program. Your credit increases one percent every year thereafter—up to 10 percent.

For more information, call 800-282-6242 and ask to speak with a D.C. underwriter.

Risk Management Resources

Our Risk Resource tools are easily accessible, so you can focus on providing superior patient care. Get help navigating today’s healthcare environment by learning how to help prevent and address risks associated with your unique practice.

You can earn premium or CME credit for completing loss prevention seminars. Other risk resources include:

Our commitment to treating you fairly means we understand that your needs are unique. Contact Risk Resource Advisors to discuss specific risk management strategies for your medical practice.

Backed by Financial Strength

You are counting on your insurer to be there when you need them, so consider your purchasing decision with the same diligence and care you deliver to your patients. ProAssurance Group is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

ProAssurance Corporation holds approximately $4.9 billion in assets and $3.3 billion in liabilities (as of 12/31/17). You can feel confident about your investment backed by a history of financial strength.



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Physician Advocacy

If you are a physician being sued for the first time, ProAssurance can provide you with collegial support through the Physician Collaboration Network.