Divisions and Programs

Whether you want to address healthcare professional liability for a health system, hospital, or facility … for physicians and groups … for allied healthcare providers … for medical products and life sciences … or for a private-label program … including workers’ compensation in many states, you can access a spectrum of solutions to address your unique needs. 

Healthcare Professional Liability Division

Hospitals and other healthcare entities, along with physicians, groups, and allied healthcare providers, face a rapidly changing healthcare environment. To insure today’s medical risks wisely, it’s important to consider effective—including nontraditional yet not uncommon—options to meet your critical needs. No matter your need, ProAssurance’s Healthcare Professional Liability Division offers a full spectrum of solutions to help you address your unique situation and risk. 

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

For a best-in-class approach to workers’ compensation, ask whether coverage from Eastern Alliance Insurance Group is available in your area. Eastern has provided superior, individualized workers’ compensation products, programs, and services to businesses and organizations since 1997.

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Podiatry Insurance Company of American (PICA)

Podiatric physicians choose PICA, the leading provider of professional liability insurance more than any other with cutting edge products and services. In addition, PICA provides unparalleled support of the profession through sponsorships, seminars, and more—with stability podiatrists have counted on for over 35 years.

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Medmarc Insurance Group

If you represent a manufacturer or distributor of medical technology or life sciences products, access Medmarc for its industry-leading insurance solutions and services. Founded by AdvaMed in 1979, Medmarc brought stability to the volatile products liability insurance market and insures risks around the globe.

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ProAssurance Mid-Continent Underwriters, Inc.

Allied healthcare providers, social services programs, and long-term care facilities in many states can access professional liability insurance via a broker through ProAssurance Mid-Continent. Policies are written on ProAssurance paper, an A.M. Best Rated A+ (Superior) Carrier.

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Inova Captive Insurance

Alternative insurance, commonly known as a ‘captive’ is a stable, secure solution for those companies where traditional insurance may not be the best fit. When organizations want to consider a captive option, Inova can help them maintain better control over workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance costs and outcomes. This option also offers the opportunity to share in underwriting profits and investment income by virtue of its successful Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) structure, in place since 1998.

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CertitudeTM by Ascension Program

Physicians who are affiliated with a health ministry of Ascension have access to the Certitude medical professional liability program where it has been rolled out. A result of the collaborative effort between Ascension and ProAssurance, Certitude provides unique features to benefit affiliated physicians and their practices.

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LawyerCare® Program

Lawyers and law firms can benefit from this professional liability insurance program that includes defined cyber and other coverage enhancements. Underwritten by Medmarc Insurance Group, LawyerCare is offered in both the standard and surplus markets in 30 states and D.C.

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Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance Program

Obstetricians and Gynecologists can access a professional liability insurance program designed exclusively for them … with an unrivaled purchasing group for underwriting risk. The Alliance serves these specialists’ specific needs and provides a patient safety program. Members are eligible for a profit-sharing premium renewal credit if the Alliance experiences favorable loss ratios.

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ProAssurance Risk Solutions

The size and complexity of healthcare entities is growing rapidly, with mergers and other scenarios presenting unusual needs for addressing healthcare liability risk. If you have extraordinarily large and complicated situations, consider customized alternative risk financing and loss portfolio transfer solutions from our team at ProAssurance Risk Solutions.

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Dale Underwriting Partners

As a substantial capital provider to Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 1729, ProAssurance highly regards their underwriting abilities spanning a wide array of property and casualty business including large property risks and reinsurance for healthcare professional liability, general liability and workers’ compensation.

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OUM Chiropractor Program

Chiropractors nationwide have accessed this program for their professional liability insurance since 1983—counting on a winning combination of value, service, and stability.

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ProAssurance DentistCare

ProAssurance DentistCare is our professional liability insurance for dentists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals serving available in over 35 states and the District of Colombia.

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CAPAssuranceSM Program

Large facilities and physician groups in certain western states can benefit from this unique risk purchasing group program. Offered in partnership with the Cooperative of American Physicians, inc. (CAP), it is the same type of coverage offered by CAP since 1975 and is written on ProAssurance paper.

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unite® Individualized Workers’ Compensation for Small Business

unite is much more than your typical, required workers’ compensation insurance.  When you partner with Eastern Alliance, you’ll feel our strong dedication to positive outcomes and our genuine support.   

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