Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center

The situation regarding COVID-19 is changing rapidly, and ProAssurance encourages insureds to stay current on all pronouncements from the CDC. For information and guidance, please review the CDC website, your state or local public health website, and your applicable board of medicine or dental board website. Check these sites frequently for updates and new developments.

COVID-19 Issues Affecting Our Customers

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Most states have lifted their elective procedure restrictions or allowed them to expire. Our window for premium discount requests due to COVID-19 state restrictions has also closed. We understand some states may experience elective procedure restrictions that exceed 60 days. ProAssurance will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate further reductions/limitations on a case-by-case basis during policy renewals.

For your state’s statement on elective procedures, visit our State Guidelines for Returning to Practice page.

This item last updated 7/30/20.

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Reminder: Premium Deadline has Arrived

ProAssurance’s premium payment deferral period for clients having COVID-19 related financial hardship expired on June 30, 2020. Automated payment deductions have resumed except where extensions were granted.

Policyholders who need more time to pay should contact their underwriter if they have not already done so. Not all options for changing payment plans or spreading out deferred balance payments are available in all markets, so it’s important to start the discussion with your underwriter.

ProAssurance monitors and complies with all State Departments of Insurance (DOI) grace periods and other requirements. Visit our COVID-19 Department of Insurance Bulletins page for bulletins affecting your state.

This item last updated 7/6/20.

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Important Benefit: Confidential Coaching for COVID-19 Stress at No Added Cost

COVID-19-related stress affects every physician and practice differently. During the pandemic, ProAssurance-insured physicians and insured advanced practice healthcare providers can receive confidential, non-reportable coaching, compliments of ProAssurance.  

ProAssurance provides these services through Winning Focus, Inc.™, a leader in physician stress reduction coping and support.

Insureds may contact Winning Focus directly for private, individual coaching sessions adapted to their specific needs:

     Winning Focus, Inc.
     724-875-4111 or
     Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., ET
     Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., ET

Winning Focus will keep the content of all sessions confidential. 

COVID-19 Coaching flyer thumbnail

Download the flyer

Questions about the program? Contact ProAssurance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Hayes V. Whiteside ( or 205-445-2670).

 This item last updated 9/3/20.

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Live Loss Prevention Seminars Cancelled through 2020

Physician and practice administration professional live seminars are cancelled through 2020. This affects seminars in Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia. We have notified registrants and refunded any prepaid fees.

Insureds can take online versions of our cancelled seminars—Hindsight 2020 for physicians and An Ounce of Prevention for practice administrators—for potential premium discounts where allowed. Physician insureds may earn continuing medical education credits by completing Hindsight 2020 and many other ProAssurance seminars.

This item last updated 8/10/20.


Refund and Cancelled Live Seminar Questions

ProAssurance has refunded all prepaid registration fees for our cancelled live seminars. Contact Risk Resource at or 844-223-9648, option 2 if you have questions about your cancelled seminar.

This item last updated 8/10/20.


Eligibility to Earn a Premium Discount Due to Seminar Cancellation

Insured physicians and practice administrators—who are eligible to receive a premium discount for live seminar attendance—may take the seminar online for the same discount, subject to the approval of their state’s Department of Insurance. The seminars are Hindsight 2020 for physicians and An Ounce of Prevention for practice administration professionals. Sign in or create an account at to access these and other online seminars at no additional cost.

This item last updated 6/1/20.


Premium Credit Questions

We understand there are questions related to course completions and policy renewal date timing. These will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your situation needs special attention, please contact your agent or call your ProAssurance underwriter at 800-282-6242.

This item last updated 3/30/20.


Now Online: An Ounce of Prevention Seminar for Practice Administrators

Because this year’s An Ounce of Prevention live sessions were cancelled due to COVID-19, this seminar is now available online. If a practice manager was eligible to earn a premium discount for attending the seminar in person, they can earn the same discount for online completion, subject to the same requirements and approval of their state’s Department of Insurance.

Insureds can access An Ounce of Prevention by signing in or creating an account at, then choosing "Seminars" and "Practice Administrator Online Seminar" (or they can use this link which also requires a sign-in).

Watch a preview of this seminar.

This item last updated 6/29/20.


Hindsight 2020 Online Seminar Version Now Available for a Potential Premium Discount

The online version of Hindsight 2020 is now available. Insureds can access this and other online seminars by signing in to, then choosing "Seminars" and "Physician Online Seminars" (or they can use this link which also requires a sign-in). Insured physicians may be eligible for a premium discount at renewal, depending on the program by which they are insured and the state in which they practice.

Watch a preview of this seminar.

This item last updated 6/29/20.


Virtual Risk Assessments Now Available

Although on-site risk assessments and staff education seminars are cancelled for now, the Risk Resource department can provide these services virtually. To schedule, please contact us at or 844-223-9648, option 3.

This item last updated 8/10/20.


Risk Resource Presentations and All Other Events Cancelled 

Presentations at association and other group meetings are cancelled through 2020. Check with the meeting organizer for event status.

For the status of any other currently scheduled meeting involving ProAssurance Risk Resource staff, please ask your agent or the group's contact.

This item last updated 5/26/20.

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If you have any questions about a pending claim or lawsuit, please call your defense counsel or your ProAssurance claims representative. Your defense counsel and claims representative are working and can be reached at the numbers previously provided to you. Your defense attorney and claims representative are able to assist you with many questions you may have related to the status of your file, including whether your scheduled deposition, hearing, or trial may be postponed. Additionally, if you need to reschedule any pending meeting, hearing, or trial due to your current workload, your own illness, or for any other reason, please contact your defense counsel or claims representative.  

ProAssurance currently does not anticipate any interruption in our services. Every claims person has and will continue to have the ability to work remotely with full computer, phone, and support services. Regular mail processing will continue. You will be able to contact us through all means with the exception of in person meetings, and we will stay in contact with you. We have made preparations for staff to be fully functional during this timeframe. In short, other than person-to-person contact, you should experience no difference in our availability and service during this period. 

This section last updated 3/22/20.

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Many Self-Service Options Available Online

In the event of a ProAssurance service disruption due to impacts of the pandemic on staff, be aware numerous online self-service options are available to healthcare professional liability insureds, policyholders, and agents­. These include online seminars, credentialing certificates, bill payment, policy documents, billing account summaries, and more.

The available services are outlined by audience on our secure services portal page.


How to Create an Account

Select the “Create an Account” button in the top banner of this website. Fill in your name and information. If you need assistance, contact Web Support at 205-439-7956 or


Online Premium Payments

You can make individual payments online or enroll in the Electronic Payment Plan (EPP) to have future payments automatically debited through a checking or savings account. Please note: ProAssurance doesn’t accept credit cards. Enroll in EPP online or make a payment in the secure services portal.


Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Inside the secure services portal, select the Certificates of Insurance and Claims History page from the “Credentialing” menu. Follow the instructions to download a COI. If you are not authorized to view a COI, you may need to request to Add a COI Holder. For questions or additional assistance, please contact the Credentialing department at 877-274-7007 or


Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits

We currently offer almost 20 hours of CME from a variety of courses. Access Physician Online Seminars  in the "Seminars" section of the secure services portal. Most are eligible for premium credit.


ProVisions agent newsletter emails will continue

We’re still planning to send out the ProVisions monthly agent newsletter as expected. Our archive is available in the Secure Services Portal for ProAssurance-appointed agents under the “Agent” dropdown menu, ProVisions Newsletter.


Web Support Contact Information

Contact Web Support at 205-439-7956 or

This section last updated 3/17/20.

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Regular Business Hours

ProAssurance remains open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. local time. Most employees are working remotely, but can still be reached in a timely manner. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. We are actively monitoring the volume of work and workflows in this fluid situation. We appreciate your patience as we work to serve your needs. 


Safeguarding Employees

ProAssurance is proactively working to ensure its employees and business partners are protected. By significantly reducing the number of employees in each office, we can help reduce the risk of exposure and the potential of having an employee come in contact with the virus while at work. The majority of our employees have already transitioned to home/remote work. 

This section last updated 3/19/20.

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ProAssurance cannot provide a coverage opinion or confirm coverage as to hypothetical claims. Coverage opinions are provided only after analyzing the specific allegations of an actual claim together with the applicable policy. The information here is general in nature and should not be interpreted to mean any given claim or actions by an insured will be covered by our policy. Rather, we will adhere strictly to the provisions of our policy, which is the only statement of our coverage obligations.


Patient Exposure at Your Practice

Your professional liability policy may defend and indemnify you against claims by patients who allege they contracted the coronavirus at your office depending on the nature of the allegations. Negligent acts and omissions are generally covered, while liability for intentional conduct is excluded. For example, if a patient contracts the coronavirus at an insured’s office despite an insured’s best efforts to follow current guidelines, such a claim could fall within the coverage of the policy. Alternatively, if an insured continues to treat patients after the insured knows he or a staff member is contagious with the virus, this could lead to a claim of intentional conduct, which is excluded by the policy. 

This item last updated 3/23/20.


Office Staff Exposure at Your Practice

In general, our policies exclude coverage for any claim made by an employee, unless the claim arises from the employee’s status as a patient of the practice.  

This item last updated 3/23/20.


Cyber Resources for Insureds

With many new employees continuing to work remotely, there is an increased concern around cybersecurity. ProAssurance insureds have access to cybersecurity resources from Tokio Marine, HCC—the underwriter for our cyber liability products. These include guides, up-to-date information on new threats, best practices, and more.

To access these resources, sign in to the secure services portal and click “Data Security Risk Resource & HIPAA” from the “Risk Management” menu. Click “Visit the data security website,” enter your state, and click “Accept.” A COVID-19 information center can be found on the far left of the main menu. 

This item last updated 5/4/20.


Substitute Physicians (Locum Tenens)

Temporary substitutes for ProAssurance insured physicians are covered by the policy. You do not need to inform us of this arrangement as long as the length of their service is limited and within the scope of your typical medical practice. The language in your policy generally provides as follows:

The coverage provided to an insured professional or an insured paramedical employee will cover one or more qualified individuals who serve in the capacity of a temporary substitute in place of the insured professional or insured paramedical employee for not more than forty-five (45) days during the policy period; provided that any individual who serves in such capacity in place of multiple insured professionals or multiple insured paramedical employees shall be covered for no more than a total of ninety (90) days during the policy period. 

This item last updated 3/20/20.


Retired Physicians Returning to Practice

Physicians returning to practice from retirement on a temporary basis due to COVID-19 will not jeopardize the premium waiver reporting endorsement issued by ProAssurance.

For physicians seeking coverage for their return to practice activities, please contact your agent or ProAssurance service representative for assistance in submitting an application to the Company. We will endeavor to provide an underwriting decision for completed applications within two business days.

This item last updated 3/19/20.

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruption to the delivery of care in many medical practices. Many are considering returning to normal operations. However, with COVID-19 remaining a significant public health concern, conditions will require practices to return to ordinary operations in a way that guards against contributing to a subsequent wave of the disease. The Risk Resource department put together this online Guidelines for Practicing During a Pandemic to assist you in safely reopening your practice.  

Last updated 8/10/20.



As states move to reopen businesses, precautions must still be taken to protect against the spread of COVID-19. States are developing regulations based on their individual circumstances. Many have issued more specific guidance for healthcare providers due to the unique risks they face. Visit the State Guidelines for Returning to Practice page for updates. 

Last updated 5/4/20.

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ProAssurance Telemedicine Coverage

Virtual visits and telehealth are covered under the ProAssurance policy within the scope of your practice and employment with the policyholder (likely your group or employer). 

If you wish to expand virtual visits and telehealth activities beyond your current employment, you may need additional coverage. Please contact your agent or service representative to confirm coverage when expanding virtual visits beyond your current practice situation. 

ProAssurance will indefinitely waive the telehealth application and any additional premium associated with the telehealth exposure during the current policy term for activities within the physicians' normal scope of practice. This is an expansion of the original four-week period for which no application or additional premium was requested.

Physicians whose telehealth activities are outside of their normal scope of practice or who are caring for patients outside their states of licensure, please notify your agent or underwriter. With renewals beginning 1/1/2021, insureds continuing to practice telemedicine may be asked to complete a telehealth questionnaire.

Since your policy may contain endorsements modifying the general rule, please review your specific policy to determine your coverage for telemedicine/virtual visits, and contact a service team member or your agent for specific policy questions regarding coverage. 

This item last updated 5/13/20.

View our return to practice telehealth guide for more in depth information on incorporating telemedicine into your regular practice.


Telemedicine Considerations

You can do virtual visits and telemedicine, but consider reimbursement options. Check with third party payors regarding reimbursement. With virtual visits, provide symptoms to consider and follow-up options, and document this communication. Consider privacy and security with any virtual or telemedicine options.

For more information regarding telemedicine, you can access videos and other educational information from ProAssurance by visiting Insureds can sign into our secure services portal to access an online seminar on telemedicine for CME here:

Please visit the ATA website for more resources on telemedicine, including information and webinars regarding COVID-19:

This item last updated 5/13/20.


Patient Consent for Telehealth 

If you are practicing in a state where a patient must sign their consent for telehealth before continuing treatment, consider ways the patient can return a signed form such as via mail, email, or photograph. If these options are unavailable, consider allowing electronic signatures/initials/checking a box to confirm in writing that the patient consents to proceeding with a telehealth visit. Be sure to document in the record the consent discussion as well as any forms the patient signs or acknowledges.

Download our telehealth patient consent sample form or watch our video on telemedicine and informed consent.

This item last updated 5/13/20.


Telepsychiatry Concerns

Privacy and security are important concerns to address. Consider discontinuing a virtual visit or telemedicine encounter if there are any problems with the connection. The American Psychiatry Association’s provides a toolkit for telepsychiatry:

This item last updated 5/13/20.

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Information for Healthcare Providers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Healthcare providers can find more specific information online regarding current interim guidance, resources for providers treating patients with coronavirus, how to manage persons under investigation (PUI), clinical care guidance, infection control, supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), and home care by visiting

This item last updated 3/19/20.


Office Warning Signs

The CDC made posters and signage available for download/printing; visit

Consider alternate entrances for symptomatic patients and asking patients to wait in their vehicles until called by cell phone. Provide clear signage/directions at points of entry. 

This item last updated 3/19/20.


Care for Patients Suspected or Confirmed to Have COVID-19

Consider following the CDC Guidelines such as avoiding close contact with anyone who is suspected to or is confirmed to have COVID-19. Close contact is considered anything closer than 6 feet from a patient. Direct contact would be considered contact with infectious secretions such as sputum, serum, blood, and respiratory droplets. Try to triage patients who are suspect/confirmed cases by using infection prevention and control measures such as face masks and closing examination rooms to limit the spread in the office. Hand hygiene is also critical, so use alcohol-based rubs before and after contact with suspect/confirmed patients. Use soap and water if hands are visibly soiled. Also consider environmental cleaning and disinfecting throughout the office including waiting areas, patient care rooms, and bathroom facilities.

For more information, visit

This item last updated 3/19/20.


Protecting Staff from COVID-19 Exposure

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with regulating employee safety. OSHA has compiled an extensive list of recommendations to protect workers from exposure, including establishing an emergency preparedness plan, providing certain physical safeguards, and encouraging administrative flexibility.

You can read all of OSHA’s recommendations at

This item last updated 3/19/20.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Updates

CMS is updating their website regularly with the latest information on coronavirus. The website includes information on the blanket waivers as well as more general information and press releases. Visit 

CMS has also created a General Provider Telehealth and Telemedicine Tool Kit. This document contains electronic links to reliable sources of information regarding telehealth and telemedicine. Most of the information is directed towards providers who may want to establish a permanent telemedicine program. However, there is also information that will be useful for providers who wish to care for patients through the virtual services that may be temporarily used during the COVID-19 situation. Download the CMS Tool Kit at

This item last updated 3/26/20.

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Departments of Health/Governors in most states have issued moratorium on elective procedures in order to conserve personal protective equipment (PPE) and to limit virus exposure/transmission within healthcare settings. 

Physicians should understand and follow the guidelines in your state(s) of practice. We are monitoring state communications regularly; to view state-specific guidelines, visit the State Guidelines for Returning to Practice page.

The state guidelines were largely put in place in March/early-April 2020. Unless extended, many have begun to expire. Some states have issued interim guidance for a phased-in approach to permitting elective procedures and other non-urgent patient encounters. For example, the Texas order allows exceptions if procedures do not deplete PPE hospital capacity, etc.

At the national level, the American College of Surgeons has posted recommendations for management of elective surgical procedures and the CDC also has information specifically for healthcare professionals.

If your situation is unclear, ProAssurance insureds are welcome to contact a Risk Resource Advisor toll-free at 844-223-9648 or

This item last updated 5/8/20.


During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, certain states are granting healthcare providers immunity in some situations, while others are making declarations concerning the standard of care. We’re monitoring each state’s guidelines, recommendations, and orders daily on this page to keep you informed. Visit the COVID-19 and Immunity Orders page.



We're monitoring state Departments of Insurance for directives regarding premium payment, cancellations or nonrenewal notice grace periods, and other bulletins or recommendations. While we have provided summary statements regarding information that may be pertinent to insureds and agents, please read the subject bulletins in their entity for a full explanation of the scope of the directives, requests, and limitations outlined by each state. Visit the COVID-19 DOI Bulletins page.

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ProAssurance makes no recommendation on whether or when to close or reopen one’s practice.

There is the possibility a patient may claim their medical condition worsened because the office was closed during efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak. In general, your professional liability policy responds to claims for alleged injury arising from rendering or failing to render professional services.

As an employer, you are not covered under your professional liability policy for overhead expenses such as payroll if your office has to close (or chooses to close) due to coronavirus.

This item last updated 4/10/20.



Medicare Provider Relief Funds

On April 10, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released the first portion of a stimulus fund intended to provide financial relief to healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to expedite the distribution of funds, the DHHS used the Automated Clearing House account information on file for Medicare providers who received reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in 2019.

While health care providers were not required to apply for the funds in order to receive the initial payments, there are terms and conditions associated with each provider’s eligibility to retain the initial funds and regarding how the funds may be spent. The burden is on the health care providers to determine their eligibility and how the relief fund payments may be used.

Recipients of the Provider Relief Funds must sign an attestation confirming receipt of the payment and agreeing to the terms and conditions within 45 days of receipt of the funds. The portal to sign the attestation opened the week of April 13 on the DHHS website. If the Recipient does not provide the required attestation, then they are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions by retaining the money. Those Recipients who do not wish to comply with the terms and conditions must contact the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) within the same 45-day period and return their full payment.

It is recommended that Recipients keep contemporaneous records of all revenues and expenses. Additionally, it is recommended that Recipients map how the relief funds were utilized to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions for each Relief Fund. Please note Recipients must comply with other relevant statutes and regulations as the terms and conditions on the DHHS website are not exhaustive lists.

The CARES Act funding includes $80M for a Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, which has enforcement authority and may conduct independent investigations. The penalties for non-compliance may include civil and criminal liability. Therefore, documenting compliance with the terms and conditions will be essential for responding to future government inquiries. We encourage you to review the eligibility requirements in addition to the terms and conditions listed on the DHHS, which also includes information regarding the attestation portal and a portal for submitting revenue information:

Please note that while the first payments from the $20 Billion Relief Fund were deposited automatically as outlined above, there are additional Provider Relief Funds available. Information regarding the terms and conditions for each of the six Relief Funds can be found here:

The information provided here is general in nature and should not be construed as legal advice. Insureds with questions regarding eligibility, the terms and conditions, the attestation process, or any other questions should contact their legal counsel, financial advisor, or healthcare consultant for professional guidance.

This item last updated 5/19/20.


U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Coronavirus Relief Options

Physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers unable to maintain their typical practice due to restrictions for managing the spread of COVID-19 became eligible for a small business financial relief program made available in the federal CARES Act signed into law on March 27, 2020. 

Two programs in the Act, the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance, have since stopped accepting new applications after the initial funds appropriated were dispersed. There is currently proposed legislation in Congress to replenish both programs.

Stay up to date on program status and see other resources available through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

This item last updated 4/23/20.


Recommendations for Dental Practices

DentistCare, the ProAssurance program focused on the unique needs of dentists and dental practices, maintains a comprehensive and regularly updated COVID-19 information center. There you can find recommendations and resources, including consent forms and patient sample letters available for download. The frequently asked questions section covers topics including: teledentistry, coverage & premiums, and practice management.

Visit the DentistCare COVID-19 Information Center.

This item last updated 4/2/20.

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CMS Guidance for Reopening Nursing Homes

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released guidance for state and local governments to determine how to mitigate spreading COVID-19 in nursing homes as they reopen. The guidance specifically addresses:

  • Minimizing a resurgence of the disease while relaxing restrictions
  • Considerations when allowing service and visitations
  • Restoring survey activities

Review the guidance.

This item last updated 5/21/20.

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Nursing Home Guidance Regarding Medical Supplies

CMS is aware certain areas are experiencing a scarcity of supplies (i.e. PPE including gowns, surgical masks, respirators, N-95 masks, etc.). State and federal surveyors have been instructed not to cite facilities for not having these materials if they are unable to source them. However, facilities should work to obtain the necessary supplies as soon as possible.

Facilities should also follow national or local guidelines for optimizing their current supply of PPE—including identifying the next best solution to care for residents. This may mean prioritizing access to supplies based on the risk of exposure or extending the use of PPE.

For the latest guidelines:

PHE preparedness planning
CDC guidance on coronavirus for healthcare professionals
CDC guidance on coronavirus for healthcare facilities
CDC strategy for PPE allocation

This item last updated 4/2/20.


Waivers for Surge Capacity

The federal government released several waivers directed at helping stop the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). These include specific guidance that allows transfer of patients who have tested positive for the disease as well as relaxing requirements to establish new care sites to address “surge capacity.” This may include opening new facilities or setting up non-resident rooms as temporary care areas.

The waivers also temporarily wave some training and certification requirements for nurse aids to address workforce strain.

Full CMS release

This item last updated 4/2/20.


CMS Self-Assessment for Facilities

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) updated its national strategy for protecting patients during the COVID-19 pandemic—including a new, COVID-19 focused inspection process. The inspection includes a self-assessment tool for providers to complete.

The CDC encourages facilities to use the tool to assess their ability to prevent spreading COVID-19 and is encouraging residents and families to ask how the facility performed on the assessment. This is part of their larger strategy to be proactive in protecting nursing home residents during the pandemic.

Get the new self-assessment here

This item last updated 4/2/20.

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New Guidelines for Practicing During a Pandemic

Here is a frequently updated guide to returning to full-time practice as the country reopens.

Visit the Guidelines for Practicing During a Pandemic page.


New COVID-19 State Guidelines for Returning to Practice

Get up-to-date information on guidance and requirements states have issued on returning to full-time practice as social distancing restrictions are lifted.

Visit the State Guidelines for Returning to Practice page.


Dept. of Insurance (DOI) Bulletins

State DOIs have issued guidance regarding premium payment, cancellations or nonrenewal notice grace periods.

Visit the COVID-19 DOI Bulletins page.


State Immunity and Standard of Care Updates

Certain states are granting healthcare providers immunity or making declarations on the standard of care. 

Visit the COVID-19 and Immunity Orders page.


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