HIPAA-Enhanced Cyber Protection for Healthcare Organizations

You want to mitigate today’s cyber risk exposure for your large hospital or healthcare facility. If a computer security or privacy breach resulted in bodily injury, your hospital or healthcare facility could be legally liable.

HIPAA-enhanced cyber protection for healthcare organizations is a unique program that uses industry-leading compliance experts to assist your healthcare entity with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA-Enhanced Cyber Protection for Healthcare Organizations

There are four types of risks related to healthcare entities’ electronic data.

Cyber risks include:

  1. Criminal Risk—which can be perpetrated by a hacker or employee, bringing first-party loss (including cyber extortion and ransomware attacks)
  2. Civil Risk—from the legal liability for housing personal information, bringing third-party loss, including punitive damages assessed by the court
  3. Regulatory Risk—which includes HIPAA regulations, and brings losses due to fines, penalties, and compliance expenses
  4. Insurance Company Risk—through which insurance coverage is denied due to misrepresentations on the insurance application

We have partnered with William R. Carey & Company, Inc., an insurance product development specialist, to assist your healthcare entity with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA Enhanced Cyber Protection addresses all four cyber risks associated with healthcare organizations through its unique, three-tiered program.

You're guided step-by-step through the application process, HIPAA-facilitated assessment, and unique policy endorsement. This solution includes competitive pricing, HIPAA compliance, coverage for bodily injury and expenses incurred from security or privacy breaches, and more.




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