Dentist professional liability insurance—whether for an independent practice or corporate environment—can take many different approaches, depending on your group’s size and other important factors. ProAssurance is committed to helping you access the single-source solution you want with as much ease as possible—all while pledging to treat you fairly.

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As a ProAssurance policyholder, you can expect us to respect your important expertise, identity, and control while providing tools to help you experience more command and less uncertainty. With dentistry changing along with today’s general medical environment, policyholders benefit from our vigilant, consistent approach.  

Not all policies are the same. The importance of an insurer’s financial stability and flexibility cannot be overstated. You are counting on your insurer to be there when you need them, so consider approaching your purchasing decision with the same diligence and care you or your organization deliver to patients. You need to be able to expect relevant options to choose a solution that helps you address your unique needs.

You can choose from a spectrum of ProAssurance solutions from the simple to the sophisticated, all with our deep expertise. These solutions help you to choose a strong fit from a variety of traditional, risk sharing, and alternative risk options. Most are underwritten by a ProAssurance Group company, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best

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