Physician Advisory Committees

Unequaled Physician Involvement

There are over one thousand physicians serving on 16 Claims and Underwriting Committees and 57 Regional Advisory Boards (as of 2/10/17). Their valuable insight and guidance is fundamental in our efforts to provide you fair treatment regarding professional liability issues throughout your career. 

Our committee and advisory board members are comprised of appointed members who help us provide what's important to you—increased physician control and less uncertainty in a changing healthcare environment. 

Claims and Underwriting Committee (CUC) and Regional Advisory Board (RAB)

Your colleagues—ProAssurance insured physicians—participate on our committees and advisory boards, meeting regularly to provide input on underwriting and claims issues that affect you and your practice. These physicians offer sound advice and insight into the practice of medicine. We are committed to our long-standing tradition of physician input to reduce claims and increase underwriting effectiveness. 



Contact a Claims Administrative Specialist

If you have a CUC or RAB related question and would like to speak with someone, call Cynthia Thomas at 205.439.7920 or email