When you want more control over your large healthcare liability insurance program, consider ProControl’s flexible deductible program for an approach as unique as your situation. Whether you’re a hospital/healthcare system wanting to merge liability coverage with the physicians it covers—or a physician group wanting to maintain its own coverage while merging into a healthcare system—we help you make the most of your entity’s variables for risk sharing. You get respect for your important expertise and control while we help you make it simple.

In addition to your receiving a customized solution with ease that provides unprecedented control, transparency, and potential savings, expect:

  • Claims managed as you direct according to the level of risk you choose—giving you more control (where allowed by state)
  • Flexible protection, consultation, and service options—to create the optimal program for your situation and preferences
  • Solutions for growing and merging healthcare organizations—so you experience the fit you determine is right for the direction your organization is heading
  • Alignment with your objectives, systems, and appetite for risk—which ensures more comfort with fewer surprises
  • Financial rewards—for favorable loss experience 
  • Fair pricing—from knowledgeable experts committed to treating you fairly while respecting your expertise
  • Access to the capital in your existing self-insured program 

ProControl for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Hospitals and healthcare systems’ liability insurance programs can use ProControl to provide unique, joint hospital/physician professional liability coverage. It works with your existing risk vehicles—from first dollar coverage through retention layer programs like captives and risk retention groups—while respecting your control.

With ProControl, your options include:

  • A choice of coverage and deductibles—enabling flexibility to help control costs
  • More control over claims handling—providing you with unique “Demand to Settle” and “Consent to Settle” choices (where allowed by state)
  • A full range of risk management services—to augment your internal professionals’ expertise as you determine would be helpful
  • Retrospective rating—allowing you financial benefit with good loss experience

When you opt for self-funded coverage, you choose from:

  • A third-party administrator (TPA)—yours or ours, giving you more control over actuarial, program design and implementation, and claims management
  • Reinsurance—which provides a financial backstop against market downturns. You also may opt for excess stop loss and loss portfolio transfers
  • An offshore capability—through a ProAssurance entity segregated cell captive facility

ProControl for Physician Groups

Some physician groups, when merging into a hospital or healthcare system, wish to maintain their own professional liability program for a variety of reasons. ProControl’s flexible options make that easy for your physician group, while working seamlessly with the hospital or healthcare system’s current insurance program through risk transfer or retention layers.

With the help of our experts, you choose from many funding options for your large physician group’s medical professional liability coverage, including:

  • Deductible choices to save you premium dollars
  • Reinsurance levels to help stabilize your risk
  • Our unique “Demand to Settle” claims program in which, with help and advice from our professionals, you determine how you want your claims managed (where allowed by state)—giving you more control

ProControl enables the flexibility and single-source solution you want for your large healthcare professional liability insurance program.


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