Risk Resource Guidelines

Your role in today’s healthcare environment is complex. We help you implement proven risk management strategies in your daily routine for long-range loss prevention. Learn how to protect your important professional identity by accessing Risk Resource Guidelines in the Secure Services Portal.

The guidelines cover topics including:

  • Incident/claim reporting
  • Practicing good communication skills
  • Patient complaints
  • Disclosure of adverse outcomes
  • Obtaining informed consent
  • Medical record documentation and storage
  • Implementing tracking systems
  • Adopting policy and procedure manuals
  • Medical emergency planning and training
  • Confidentiality (HIPAA) and resources
  • Terminating the physician-patient relationship
  • Moving your practice location
  • Retiring from your practice
  • Office staff standards
  • Phone call procedures
  • Texting and email procedures
  • Billing and collection tips
  • Rescheduling appointments
  • Medication and prescription risks

By following our guidelines, you and your medical staff can improve patient safety, reduce liability exposure, and implement practices and procedures to assist in supporting a strong defense in the event of litigation. Helping you adapt to a changing medical environment and increasing the control you experience is a top priority of our Risk Resource Department.



Contact a Risk Resource Advisor

If you have a risk management question and would like to speak with a Risk Resource Advisor, call 844.223.9648 or email

Report a Claim

To report a claim, please call our toll-free Claims Intake Hotline at 877.778.2524 or email

Risk Resource Guidelines

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