Attend Our New Live Loss Prevention Seminars

Risk Resource is gearing up for another year of live seminars!

This year’s public loss prevention seminar for physicians is titled “Sound Medicine: The Impact of Communication in Healthcare.” In it, physicians share examples of how communication issues have affected their patients and their own practices. Attendees will also learn about various risk management strategies to improve communication and patient outcomes.

“Let’s Talk: Communication in the Medical Practice” is our new live seminar for practice administration professionals. It focuses on recognizing circumstances where miscommunications may occur and how they can impact a practice in various scenarios.  Administrators will learn consistent and effective communication strategies that they can apply to their practices and share with their staff. 

This year’s seminar season runs from mid-March through October, and programs are available in 11 states and D.C. If you’d like to attend a seminar near you, email For more detail on both seminars and their schedules, visit