The April 2018 ProVisions

The April issue of ProVisions, our monthly ProAssurance healthcare professional liability newsletter for agents, was emailed this week and is posted to the Secure Services Portal (SSP).

Articles in the issue include: 

> A Word from CMO Jeff Bowlby: Need Help Acquiring a Book of Business/Agency?
> Don't Miss our 2018 Cyber Issue
> THE HOMEPAGE: Video Stats That'll Have You Rethinking Video
> SPOTLIGHT ON RISK RESOURCE: New Online Seminar for Physicians Now Available
> 2018's Best and Worst States for Doctors
> SALES TIPS FROM THE "OLD SCHOOL" Prospecting: The Prepared List
> PLUS Symposium and Certitude Dinner Meeting
> New Risk Resource Toolkit for Physicians Retiring or Closing a Practice
> New OBRA Genetic Testing Toolkit
> Using ProAssurance's Name and Logo

> 9 Industry Articles to Assist Your Knowledge

Visit the ProVisions page within the agents’ section of the SSP to read this or past issues.

Agents not currently receiving ProVisions by email, please let us know.