Cancelled Seminars due to Hurricane Michael

Due to severe weather, ProAssurance cancelled seminars in Orlando, FL and Fredericksburg, VA. Eligible physicians who preregistered for the seminars in Orlando and Fredericksburg may take our online seminar, “Sound Medicine: The Impact of Communication in Healthcare,” to earn a 5 percent premium credit. Physicians who did not preregister may attend our seminar online to be eligible to earn a 2.5 percent premium credit.

Cancelled Live Seminars

  • For physicians, October 11 in Orlando
  • For practice administrators, October 12 in Orlando
  • For physicians, October 11 in Fredericksburg

Florida residents, underwriter Kathy Taylor is available to answer questions at 813.969.4573 or

Virginia residents, underwriter John Scheeler is available to answer questions at 202.969.3146, or

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you.