New Online Videos: Mock Trial

You can watch a mock trial to experience what a court case is like for a physician defendant. These videos are part of ProAssurance’s commitment to helping you reduce risk in your medical practice and providing you with tools if a claim is made against you. In this reenactment, ProAssurance presents the major elements of an actual trial, including opening statements, testimonies by various witnesses, and closing arguments.

In a series of videos, you’ll watch the DeMarco v. Burke case unfold. The mock trial is based on an actual closed claim and edited to provide a glimpse inside the courtroom without procedural delays and other elements that accompany a real trial.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to watch a courtroom proceeding as a viewer, rather than an actual defendant. ProAssurance’s pledge to treat you fairly includes providing information on trial preparation and healthcare liability claims.

Watch the mock trial and vote in favor of the defendant or plaintiff. Download the mock trial playbill to follow along with the case, read background information, or take notes.

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About ProAssurance

ProAssurance is known for our history of success in and out of the courtroom as a national leading medical professional liability insurer. The majority of healthcare liability claims do not go to trial; however, ProAssurance will stand with you each step of the way—whether the case is tried to verdict or dismissed before trial. Count on our Risk Resource Team of experienced attorneys, healthcare administrators, registered nurses, clinicians, and quality improvement professionals to help you reduce risk and prevent claims.