Check Out Our Out of Bounds Online Seminar

Whether you are competing for a championship sports title or practicing medicine, there are consequences for crossing the line. In this course, physicians and other healthcare professionals will hear the professional liability considerations associated with personally and professionally stepping out of bounds. The information and examples will help you stay in the game.

Participation in this seminar will better enable you to:

- Explain the relationship between physician-patient boundaries and professional liability risks
- Identify a previous encounter where expectations were not met
- Recognize the need to apply an internal or external boundary in a patient scenario

This online activity is provided at no additional cost to ProAssurance-insured physicians and takes approximately two hours to complete. Select “Seminars” in the menu and then “Physician Online Seminars.” You’ll also see other online education options and risk resources.

Note: You cannot receive premium credit for this two-hour online program if you have already attended the live version of this seminar for premium credit.

If you have any questions regarding our seminars, please call the Risk Resource Department at 844.223.9648.