January 2020 Market Cycle ProVisions

The January 2020 “Market Cycle” ProVisions, our monthly ProAssurance healthcare professional liability newsletter for agents, was emailed this week and is posted to the secure services portal (SSP).

January 2020 ProVisions cover

Articles in the issue include:

> Responsible Rate Increases Protect the Intent of the Policy
> THE HOMEPAGE MPL Market Dynamics 2020 Explained
> MPL Insurance is Cyclical
> Shock Verdicts Fuel Social Inflation
> Medical Malpractice Claim Severity is Increasing
> Reinsurance Costs are Driven up by Excess Verdicts
> Plaintiff Attorneys Pursue Larger Verdicts by Stacking Limits
> Warning Signs Indicate a Market Turn
> Tales from Previous Hard Markets
> An Actuary's View on Medical Malpractice Claim Severity
> 2019-2020 Judicial Hellholes
> Recommended MPL Market Cycle Articles
> The Big Question
> Dow Walker has Retired
> Managing Certificates of Insurance
> SPOTLIGHT ON RISK RESOURCE New What's the Risk? Video
> ProAssurance Leadership Circle
> Coffee is for Closers

Visit the ProVisions page within the agents’ section of the SSP to read this or past issues.

Agents not currently receiving ProVisions by email, please let us know.