Pandemic Practice Essentials Now Available

The 2021 loss prevention seminar for practice administration professionals (PAP), Pandemic Practice Essentials, is now live on Practice administrators and medical office staff may sign in to the secure services portal to take the seminar. As a reminder, both the physician and PAP loss prevention seminars are available exclusively online in 2021.

About the seminar

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, especially medical practices and healthcare facilities. Healthcare providers were either called to the front lines of battling the virus, or they were ordered to close their doors by state health authorities, except in cases of emergency. Slowly, practices returned to treating patients, but some government restrictions remained, continuing to present facilities with new challenges. Many practices and facilities rushed to adopt telemedicine, allowing practices to continue caring for their patients while limiting the spread of coronavirus, but telemedicine has its own associated risks. This presentation will address the risk considerations for telemedicine visits, issues with patient appointments, and tracking-and-follow-up concerns caused by the pandemic.