New Online Seminar: EHRs & Big Data

In this YouTube video, Randy Juip, JD previews EHRs and Big Data, an online seminar for ProAssurance-insured physicians.

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“Big data” is changing many aspects of our everyday life. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and their algorithms are used to predict the movies you like to watch or foods you like to buy. Those same types of methods and the infrastructure for managing the data are also being applied to medicine. The use of “big data” and the application of the latest technologies may also create potential medical malpractice risks. Physicians should understand the issues associated with the use of technology during the course of treating patients.

Participation in this seminar will better enable participants to:

  • Define and understand the current climate of physician/patient interaction via technology, including examples from EHRs, text message exchanges with patients, and medical issues on social media
  • Identify current and ongoing concerns regarding physician or medical service provider interaction with patients using technology (i.e., text messaging and personal cellular phones) and social media (i.e., Facebook, etc)
  • Discuss current issues - both potential benefits and disconcerting pitfalls - of current “physician reputation” online services (eg.,, etc.)
  • Describe and define “best practice” strategies for incorporating technology into a modern medical practice

This online activity is provided at no cost to ProAssurance-insured physicians and takes approximately one hour to complete. Select “Seminars” in the menu and then “Physician Online Seminars.” You’ll also see additional online education options and other risk resources.

If you have questions about this seminar, please call our Risk Resource Department (toll free) at 844.223.9648 and select option four. Treating policyholders fairly is our commitment.

Watch the EHRs and Big Data YouTube Preview Video