New Online Seminar: Best Case Scenario

In this YouTube video, viewers can preview Best Case Scenario, an online seminar for ProAssurance-insured physicians.

You will hear from physicians and others who have been through the litigation process describe how every detail from a patient encounter matters when defending a medical malpractice claim. From the actual clinical decision-making—to the way those decisions are communicated and documented—listen to advice from your peers to learn what makes up the best case scenario in the event of a claim.

Participation in this seminar will better enable you to:

  • Explain the relationship between patient safety and professional liability risk
  • Recognize the need for a risk reduction strategy in a patient scenario
  • Apply a risk reduction strategy while providing patient care

This online activity is provided at no cost to ProAssurance-insured physicians and takes approximately two hours to complete. Select “Seminars” in the menu and then “Physician Online Seminars.” You’ll also see additional online education options and other risk resources.

Note: Physicians cannot receive premium credit for Best Case Scenario if they have already attended the live version of the seminar. If you have not attended the live seminar, you may qualify for a 2.5% premium credit by completing this program and successfully passing the post-test with a score of 70% or greater.

If you have any questions regarding our seminars, please call the Risk resource Department at 844.223.9648.