ProAssurance and Caresyntax

An affiliation to reduce surgical costs and improve outcomes

ProAssurance seeks to help hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and the surgical teams to improve patient safety, minimize medical liability risk, and improve the defensibility of liability allegations. This includes promoting technologies and other resources which can assist in improving operational and clinical performance while also seeking efficiencies in value-based care (VBC) models.

As such, ProAssurance has invested in Caresyntax, a vendor-neutral enterprise scale surgical digital platform. This data-driven analytics program provides actionable insights to improve patient outcomes and reduce loss costs by using proprietary software and AI to analyze large volumes of data in and around the operating room (OR).

The affiliation with Caresyntax will help to:

  • Shift the industry paradigm by creating a Risk Management and Value-Based Care focused alliance
  • Demonstrate improved patient safety and satisfaction while promoting better outcomes

The Caresyntax advantage

  • Potential to reduce the number, costs, and defensibility of medical malpractice allegations through use of Caresyntax technology
  • Cost savings and increased revenue through improved clinical outcomes and OR efficiency driven by quality improvement initiatives
  • Improve operational, clinical, and financial performance and efficiencies for VBC models
  • Risk management knowledge sharing between ProAssurance and Caresyntax to analyze and implement risk reduction using industry best practices and developing new tools

Through our collaboration with Caresyntax, InfluenceOR is now available to participating ProAssurance-covered surgeons in select surgical specialties at no additional cost.

How it works:

With InfluenceOR, Caresyntax provides a leading-edge program that allows surgeons to have their surgical videos reviewed and vetted by board-certified reviewers using industry standard assessments. The innovative program empowers data-driven surgeons to upload, publish, benchmark, and promote qualified surgical videos while building their brand recognition and reputation. Publishing and promoting data-driven surgical techniques can help educate patients and increase referrals and direct better patient outcomes and experience.

This complimentary program is available for data-driven surgeons wanting to participate in this first-of-its kind surgical community built on technical, real-world surgical excellence.

Start building your data-driven practice

We are helping to make surgery smarter by empowering surgeons to improve patient outcomes, enhance operational efficiency, and increase profitability with data-driven surgery using AI, automation, and analytics.

To start building your data-driven practice, get access to InfluenceOR at Once you upload your surgical procedure videos, board-certified reviewers will personally and privately assess your procedures using industry-standard assessments. This will help you earn “blue badge” status on YouTube Health, confirming the quality of your procedures and enabling you to share your videos and best practices with the broader healthcare community.

Download the InfluenceOR flyer.

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About ProAssurance

ProAssurance is an industry-leading specialty insurer with extensive expertise in healthcare professional liability, products liability for medical technology and life sciences, legal professional liability, and workers’ compensation insurance. The company’s healthcare professional liability segment provides comprehensive medical professional liability insurance solutions for healthcare risks of all sizes and types. ProAssurance Group is rated “A” (Excellent) by AM Best. ProAssurance and its operating subsidiaries are rated “A-” (Strong) by Fitch Ratings.

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About Caresyntax

Caresyntax makes surgery safer and smarter by empowering healthcare providers, insurers, and medical technology companies with innovative, data-driven solutions. Caresyntax has worked with the largest medical malpractice insurer in Europe, to prevent and reduce surgical risk by utilizing its platform for video and other real-world data assessments linked to patient outcomes. The company creates, benchmarks, and promotes risk sharing, risk mitigation and value-based care models. Caresyntax is offering its risk management model in the United States in partnership with ProAssurance.

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