Contact a Risk Resource Advisor

You can implement proven risk management strategies in your daily routine. ProAssurance insureds may contact our Risk Resource department for specific questions about medical professional liability. That’s only fair, since your professional identity is on the line. 

Contact our Risk Resource Team

Please contact a Risk Resource Advisor toll-free at 844-223-9648 or email for risk management advice, seminar registrations, office assessment appointments, or online seminar technical assistance.

Select one of the following extensions from our toll-free line:

  • For Risk Resource advice: (Press 1)
  • Register for a loss prevention seminar: (Press 2)
  • Schedule a risk management survey: (Press 3)
  • Online seminar questions: (Press 4)
  • All other inquiries: (Press 0)

You can benefit from practical risk reduction strategies that help you improve patient safety and satisfaction while preventing losses. Every day, there are new risks associated with healthcare professionals and staff. You can protect your identity and reputation by participating in risk seminars, surveys, assessments, and consultations with our team of expert advisors.


Report a Claim

To report an incident or claim, contact our Claims Intake Hotline immediately at 877-778-2524 or email

Watch our "Two Minutes: What's the Risk?" YouTube Series

Our Risk Resource department's on-going YouTube series features proven loss prevention techniques.

Watch the videos on our Two Minutes: What's the Risk? page or on the Risk Resource YouTube channel.