Mock Trial

If you are curious about what the courtroom is really like for a defendant physician on trial, yet have no desire to experience a trial firsthand, these videos are for you. In this online presentation, ProAssurance presents a “mock trial,” including the major elements of an actual trial, such as opening and closing statements and fact and expert witness examinations. The case is based on an actual closed claim, but has been filmed as a reenactment so learners may benefit from a sampling of the important elements of a trial without the procedural delays that accompany a real trial.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to be in the courtroom as the proverbial “fly on the wall” rather than as an actual defendant.

Introduction and Opening Arguments








Testimony of Nancy Nestor, RN








Testimony of Robert Burke, MD








Testimony of Howard Fletcher, MD








Testimony of Frank Shorter, MD








Closing Arguments







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Verdict in Favor of the Plaintiff (DeMarco)
Verdict in Favor of the Defendant (Burke)

Mock Trial Playbill

Mock Trial Playbill

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