Patient Safety Culture Surveys

What Does Your Patient Safety Culture Reveal?

Patient safety culture surveys provide an opportunity to increase staff awareness about patient safety, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, determine areas of high achievement, and potential areas for cultural change.

Consider a Survey on Patient Safety Culture™ provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for your hospital, medical office, nursing home, community pharmacy, or ambulatory surgery center. You can also submit your survey on the AHRQ website to compare your data with similar organizations. 

About the Survey Process

The survey is designed to assess patient safety and quality issues, teamwork, work pressure and pace, staff training, standardization of processes, open communication, and leadership support for patient safety. You can take this survey online, with an outsourced company of your choosing, or complete the survey manually in your office. In a confidential manner, a member of your office staff compiles the data once the surveys have been completed.  

The process is a thorough assessment of your medical practice and takes about 10 weeks to complete. AHRQ provides surveys, tools, and recommendations to guide you through the survey process.

ProAssurance can help answer any questions you have before, during, or after the survey. The Risk Management Department is here to support you and help you implement risk reduction strategies to enhance patient safety in your organization. Risk Management Advisors stand ready to assist you in taking advantage of this free, online service.

Visit the federal AHRQ website for more information on Surveys on Patient Safety Culture.


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