Medical Litigation Support

Facing a medical malpractice challenge?

At some point in your career, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a summons. A first-time medical malpractice lawsuit is a difficult process, one often best understood by a physician who has been sued before. You can join the ProAssurance Medical Litigation Collaboration Network®, a local physician-to-physician support program for physicians being sued for the first time.

While specific aspects of a case may not be discussed due to their confidential nature, collegial support can be a way to combat the stress of litigation. It’s only fair for you to have access to resources and advice—and to know what to expect both personally and professionally through the litigation process.

Litigation Stress Coaching Services

In addition to the collaboration network, ProAssurance has collaborated with Winning Focus, Inc., to provide litigation stress coaching services when appropriate. Winning Focus and ProAssurance want to help you with Successful Litigation Stress Coaching (SLSC) to reduce stress and focus on your well-being during the litigation process.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Hayes Whiteside, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, at 205-445-2670 or

To learn more, visit the Winning Focus website.

“Two Minutes” Video

Watch our “Two Minutes: What’s the Risk? Litigation Collaboration—More than Legal Defense” video with Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Hayes Whiteside.

The Critical Value of Collegial Interaction

The world of medicine is changing at an accelerating rate. Where once there was automatic deference to skills and expertise, physicians are experiencing more challenges than ever before. ProAssurance has defended doctors for over 40 years and understands the critical value of collegial interaction. We are dedicated to providing assistance through information and encouragement.

Since 2007, our collaboration network has been committed to helping you lessen the uncertainty of litigation. ProAssurance insured physicians volunteer to serve as collegial mentors. You can connect with a physician by phone, email, or in person—whichever is convenient for you.

Many physicians have described the support of this network as invaluable. Get support, volunteer your time and expertise, or refer a colleague today.

If you or one of your colleagues may benefit from the collaboration network, or if you have gone through a lawsuit and would be willing to talk to an insured colleague, please contact Dr. Whiteside at 205-445-2670 or


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