Risk Resource Guidelines for Healthcare Organizations

Your role in today’s healthcare environment is complex. We have identified commonly encountered areas of medical professional liability risk, and provided helpful advice on reducing your potential for liability in these areas. The Risk Resource Guidelines serve as a handbook to help you implement foundational risk management strategies.

The guidelines cover topics including:

  • Using your Guidelines
  • Leadership
  • Quality Management
  • Patient Rights
  • Medical Staff
  • Documentation and Medical Records Management 
  • Enviroment of Care
  • Emergency Services
  • Surgical Services and Anesthesia
  • Behavioral Health
  • Medication Safety 
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Discharge Planning
  • Telemedicine

By following our guidelines, you and your medical staff can improve patient safety, reduce liability exposure, and implement practices and procedures to assist in supporting a strong defense in the event of litigation. Helping you adapt to a changing medical environment and increasing the control you experience is a top priority of our Risk Resource department.



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If you have a risk management question and would like to speak with a Risk Resource Advisor, call 844-223-9648 or email RiskAdvisor@ProAssurance.com.

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Risk Resource Guidelines

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