Risk Assessments

Benchmark Your Practice Protocols with a Medical Liability Baseline Self-Assessment

You rely on strict office protocols to serve your patients with confidence. Do you ever wonder how well your staff understands them? Are you curious about how well your practice compares to others when it comes to office processes? Our simple Baseline Self Assessment shows how well your team manages risk.

Why Self-Assessment?

The brief self-assessment survey can be completed by your entire team—including physicians—in a few short minutes. Questions focus on office processes related to medical liability including diagnostic test tracking, management of phone calls, informed consent, emergency preparedness, and documentation. Survey completion is anonymous; only the role the person plays in the practice is identified. This promotes candid answers to help us identify gaps in knowledge. Aggregated results are then reviewed so focused education opportunities can address the gaps. With a better understanding of what puts your practice at risk, you improve defensibility in the event of a claim.

What are the Benefits? After completing your self-assessment, you’ll receive:

  • A consultation with an experienced ProAssurance Risk Management Consultant to discuss your findings and tailor strategies to address your circumstances.
  • A confidential report that shows your practice’s responses and compares them to other practices. This report includes associated risk reduction strategies, and links to ProAssurance risk management resources and activities.
  • A staff education plan, either online or virtual, to reinforce concepts or address identified gaps.

And, when you implement annual practice assessments and demonstrate loss prevention procedures that actually reduce claims, you are in a more favorable position to reduce insurance costs.






Request a Baseline Self Assessment

If you would like to benchmark your practice, please contact us at 844-223-9648 or RiskAdvisor@ ProAssurance.com. Note: Premium credit is not available for Baseline Self-assessments at this time.

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