ACCME Accredited With CommendationTo help slow COVID-19, ProAssurance is cancelling its live loss prevention seminars for the rest of 2020. The seminars, Hindsight 2020 for physicians and An Ounce of Prevention for practice administration professionals, are now available online.

Insureds who were eligible to receive premium discounts for attending the live seminars can earn the same discount by completing them online.

Take the 2020 loss prevention seminars—Hindsight 2020 for physicians and An Ounce of Prevention for practice administration professionals—by signing in to online physician seminars or the online practice administration professional seminar section of the secure services portal. 

Seminar previews:

Medical office staff seminars

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I receive a refund for my cancelled live loss prevention seminar? Yes, if you prepaid to attend a 2020 ProAssurance seminar, we are sending you a refund.
  2. Can you tell me if I registered for a live seminar and am due a refund? Yes, please call our Risk Resource team at 844-223-9648, option 2.
  3. Do I qualify for the same premium discount I would have earned for the live seminar if I take it online instead? If you were eligible to earn a premium discount for attending the live seminar, you can earn the same premium discount for the online version instead. Premium eligibility depends on your state’s Department of Insurance requirements and your ProAssurance insurance policy.  
  4. Who can tell me if I am eligible for a premium discount? Contact your agent or ProAssurance underwriter (800-282-6242) for assistance.
  5. Can I earn continuing medical education (CME) credits for taking the online seminar? Yes, physician insureds can earn CME credits for satisfactory completion of Hindsight 2020 and most of our online physician seminars.
  6. Who can help me with information about seminars and CME? Call our Risk Resource team at 844-223-9648, option 2.
  7. Do I have to be insured by ProAssurance to take an online seminar? Yes, you or your facility must be insured by ProAssurance.
  8. How do I access the online seminars? Sign in or create an account from the top of any page, then choose ““Seminars.” Select “Physician Online Seminars” for Hindsight 2020 or “Practice Administrator Online Seminar” for An Ounce of Prevention. Press the “Take this Seminar” bar under your seminar’s description to get to your course.
  9. What if I have trouble signing in or creating an account? Our Web Support team can assist you at 205-439-7956 or