Medical Office Staff Seminars

ProAssurance is committed to providing you with resources to help manage the risks you face as a busy practice administrator. You can experience less uncertainty while addressing potential risks when you participate in ProAssurance’s medical office staff seminars.

The world of medicine is changing at an accelerating rate. Where once there was automatic deference to skills and expertise, physicians’ practices are experiencing more demands than ever before. Let us help you educate staff on customer relationships, documentation, sound processes, and other topics designed to help mitigate your practice’s risks. 

Online Medical Office Staff Seminar Topics

Here is a variety of online seminars (not available for continuing education credit) you can use for staff education. Please share them with your team:    

Where's the Risk? Risk Management Principles to Apply in Practice-Based Scenarios

All staff have a role to play in reducing risk. This scenario-based program will explore various examples of risk-prone areas, and include discussion on applying risk management strategies to help decrease potential liability exposure in those areas.


A Day in the Life: A Patient's Perspective

A patient’s experience before, during and after an office appointment may not only affect patient satisfaction but could also impact liability risks. This scenario-based program will help staff understand the patient’s journey through a medical office appointment and help staff identify opportunities for improvement.


Link Think: Understanding the Chain of Command

Hospital and healthcare organization staff may face circumstances that call for intervention from their supervisor. Chain of command can be a valuable tool in addressing a specific situation within the organization. This webinar, presented by ProAssurance Risk Resource and Claims Directors, offers considerations for a chain of command process in your organization, along with examples of professional liability claims.


Sound Bytes: Syncing Technology & Risk Management

Emerging trends in technology are impacting physician practices. This program helps to develop both effective techniques to enhance patient safety and decrease liability risks associated with today’s technology. We will identify and discuss communication issues with patients and among clinic staff.