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To help slow COVID-19, ProAssurance is cancelling its live public seminar for physicians, Hindsight 2020, through 2020. We have also expedited the production of an online version of Hindsight 2020 available in the Secure Services Portal. Learn more about the program.

Insured physicians can earn CME credit—and depending on their insurance program and state, potential premium credit—for successfully completing either the live OR online seminar version (not both). 

Provide your zip code or choose your state for information about remaining live seminars. Or, contact your Risk Management team at 844-223-9648, option 2. Thank you.

Hindsight 2020

In medical malpractice cases, jurors are instructed to judge the defendant’s conduct as of the time the defendant was treating the patient. Jurors should not base their verdicts on what was learned or discovered later. In other words, they should not judge the defendant’s conduct in hindsight.

Looking back allows us to see what went right and what went wrong. That’s why hindsight is 20/20. The medical professional liability industry is currently experiencing an increase in the severity of jury verdicts. While jurors are not permitted to use hindsight in arriving at their decisions, they often do. This presentation will retrospectively examine factors affecting verdict severity and will demonstrate how fundamental risk management principles can help result in a successful defense.

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