Physician Online Seminars

As a ProAssurance insured, you can—at your convenience—take any of a dozen seminars at no additional charge from the convenience of your device screen. Learn about enhancing patient safety and reducing risk while earning CME credit for successful completion of any program not previously taken. And you also may be eligible for a one-time premium credit per seminar up to a defined maximum, depending on the program through which you are insured, and the state in which you practice.

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Navigating Everyday Risks: Using Data to Drive Change

Know where you stand and make informed decisions by utilizing survey data, benchmarks, and top industry trends to move your practice into the future. Evaluate your current risks and respond with trusted strategies aimed at preventing patient harm and mitigating today’s top medical professional liability risks. This program provides practical solutions to assess common risks using a baseline self-assessment.

Duration: 2 hours
Potential Policy Discount: 5%
Expiration Date: June 2024
Orig. Release Date: March 2023

When the Stakes are High: Understanding Nuclear Verdicts

Nuclear verdicts are defined as verdicts that exceed $10 million, and they are becoming more common in medical malpractice cases. These verdicts can have a significant impact on the medical profession, as they can result in increased insurance premiums, decreased access to care, and a loss of trust between patients and healthcare providers. This program explores factors that contribute to these verdicts, the impact they have on medical professionals, and tactics for avoiding them. We offer strategies for potentially evading these verdicts, including improving communication with patients, implementing best practices in patient safety, and working with legal counsel to develop effective defense strategies.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date:  August 2026
Orig. Release Date: August 2023

Medication Management: Minimizing Errors and Improving Safety

Medication errors are preventable but can occur at any point in the medication delivery process. While the main source of medication errors occurs at the prescribing stage, a breakdown at any stage can result in an error threatening patient safety. This webinar will review actual claims involving medication errors, discuss the factors leading to medication errors, and offer risk reduction strategies for mitigating the occurrence of these types of errors while also improving patient safety.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: January 2026
Orig. Release Date: January 2023

Crossing the Line: Examining Professional, Personal, and Ethical Boundaries

When practicing medicine, there are consequences for crossing the line with patients, other providers, and even yourself. In this course, physicians and other healthcare professionals will hear the professional liability considerations associated with stepping over the line, both personally and professionally. The information and examples will help you identify scenarios where a close call with blurred boundaries could impact you professionally.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: November 2025
Orig. Release Date: November 2022

Healthcare Regulatory Update: Protecting Your Practice

The federal healthcare regulatory environment is an ever-evolving web of legislation, regulations, and court decisions. Deciphering these often-complex protocols, and the legislative intent behind them, is a necessary and essential part of the modern practice of medicine. This program is intended to review recent federal regulatory changes and case law that may affect your practice and your relationship with your patients.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: October 2025
Orig. Release Date: October 2022

Opioid Prescribing: Keeping Patients Safe

This healthcare risk management online seminar will focus on the opioid crisis and the impact of opioid prescribing on patient safety. The discussion will include closed claims and risk reduction strategies you may implement to mitigate your liability exposure and increase patient safety.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: August 2025
Orig. Release Date: August 2022

Infection Prevention and Control: Improving Patient Safety

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are the most common adverse events affecting millions of patients annually worldwide. Recent evidence suggests that application of process improvement tools may decrease incidences of HAIs. Reducing preventable HAIs remains an imperative mission and is a continuous opportunity for improvement to maximize patient safety. This seminar will share actual scenarios and provide practical strategies to potentially prevent and mitigate risks associated with HAIs.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: July 2025
Orig. Release Date: July 2022

Workplace Violence in the Office Practice Setting: Preparation and Response

Widespread violence against physicians and other healthcare professionals continues to rise. Join us as we discuss how an ongoing public health emergency may derail response efforts to prevent or mitigate an active shooter or other violent incident. This seminar will share actual stories and provide practical strategies to potentially prevent and mitigate risks when an assault occurs.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: June 2025
Orig. Release Date: June 2022

Prescribing Controlled Substances: What a Practice Needs to Know from a DEA Perspective

Healthcare providers who prescribe controlled substances find themselves on the front lines of an ongoing epidemic all the while attempting to treat patient’s pain appropriately and according to established guidelines. This course provides a view of the opioid crisis from the eyes of a former DEA agent. Join Mr. Tucker as he provides valuable guidance on how to communicate with patients about opioids, the value of monitoring patient adherence, and how to identify and manage patients who exhibit aberrant behaviors symptomatic of non-compliance.   

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: August 2025
Orig. Release Date: August 2022

Business of Medicine: Hidden Liabilities Lurking in Your Practice

This program is intended to increase awareness of the various common operational activities and transactions that can make your medical practice vulnerable. Most of these exposures are applicable to many businesses, such as employment practices, contracting and general liability; and some are more uniquely impactful to medical practices, such as vicarious liability for professional services and billing fraud and abuse. This activity will outline these exposures, highlight the regulations that typically govern them, including enforcement, and offer tips to mitigate these risks and enhance patient safety.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1 %
Expiration Date: December 2024
Orig. Release Date: December 2021

Cannabis: History, Trends, Tensions

This presentation is an overview of the evolving cultural and legal landscape of cannabis and includes the tensions created by current conflicts in federal and state laws governing medical and recreational marijuana. Michelle Hackley will address the practical implications in balancing patient rights under state law and federal prohibitions affecting physicians and other healthcare providers.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1 %
Expiration Date: July 2024
Orig. Release Date: August 2021

Human Trafficking and the Healthcare Professional

This program focuses on the intersection of healthcare and human trafficking. Dr. Jeffrey Barrows presents the frequency with which those trafficked encounter healthcare professionals and indicators of human trafficking within the healthcare setting. He defines human trafficking, its scope, subtypes, and predisposing factors. The presentation concludes with a discussion of how a healthcare organization can prepare to respond when those who are being trafficked enter their facility.

Sign into the secure services portal to take the CME version of this seminar. A complimentary recording of this seminar is available for public access as well.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1 %
Expiration Date: July 2024
Orig. Release Date: August 2021

LGBTQIA+ Healthcare in Action

The number of LGBTQIA+ individuals who voluntarily share their gender identity increases every day. As awareness and visibility increases, individuals will continue to reveal their true selves. LGBTQIA+ patients struggle with barriers and fears that physician office practices and healthcare systems are often unaware exist. Many practices and healthcare systems receive little if any training on how to provide the best patient journey and how to minimize the associated risks. This presentation emphasizes the importance of physician and staff education, includes best practices, and discusses ways to mitigate discrimination risks.

Duration: 1 hour
Potential Policy Discount: 1%
Expiration Date: November 2026
Re-Release Date: November 2023
Orig. Release Date: October 2021

Informed Consent: A Case Study Review

This seminar will explore the legal principle of informed consent, including basic elements of the informed consent discussion. We will also examine the scope of the informed consent discussion and documentation strategies used to successfully defend against allegations of lack of informed consent.

Duration: 30 minutes
Potential Policy Discount: 0.5%
Expiration Date: September 2025
Re-Release Date: August 2021
Orig. Release Date: September 2020