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Reducing Opioid Overdose Risk

ProAssurance has an exclusive affiliation with Sure Med Compliance to help you develop and maintain responsible prescribing practices for opioids and other scheduled medications.

Sure Med’s mission is to end the overdose epidemic through greater prescribing compliance. They offer the first and only digital health platform scientifically validated to mitigate risk to both patient and provider in pain management settings.

By delivering clinical insights that help influence safer prescribing decisions, Sure Med protects healthcare providers from liability and allows doctors to create safer exposures to controlled substances.

They recognized a point-of-care problem: To initiate or continue controlled substance therapy, a physician must determine and document up to 26 data points in a 5-10 minute office visit. This may not be feasible for busy doctors, so it may not get done. The unintended consequences may lead to poor outcomes and provider liability.  

With Sure Med’s digital health platform, the patient is evaluated electronically, and the results are delivered immediately to their Electronic Health Record. This eliminates 80% of the time needed to determine and document the necessary data points to initiate or continue controlled substance therapy.

Through our exclusive affiliation with Sure Med, ProAssurance is at the forefront of helping physicians to prescribe responsibly, leading to better outcomes for patients.

The Sure Med program is available to ProAssurance insureds at no additional cost.

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