Winning Focus and ProAssurance

Important Benefit: Confidential Stress Coaching at No Added Cost

ProAssurance provides its physician insureds with access, at no additional cost, to stress coaching services through Winning Focus, LLC.™, a leader in helping some of the thousands of physicians deal with the effects of what it terms as Medical Malpractice Stress Syndrome. We encourage those named in a malpractice lawsuit or coping with the added stressors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to take advantage of this short-term, practical, result-oriented resource.

What Physicians Can Expect

The coaching process begins with an initial contact between Winning Focus and the physician, by phone or email, for an initial consultation. Winning Focus will then match the physician with two or three highly experienced, doctoral level coaches who specialize in physician stress reduction and resilience.

All sessions will remain confidential. 

Signs you may be a good candidate for coaching

It is commonplace for physicians facing a malpractice claim to experience a level of stress that impairs their ability to defend themselves effectively – or to manage their own practices normally. Anyone experiencing the following – or a variety of other manifestations of stress – could benefit from litigation stress coaching:

  • Difficulty focusing on anything but the legal case.
  • Concerns about the future of their practice or in the field of medicine.
  • Anxiety, anger, or irritability that affects their relationships with patients, colleagues, spouses, families, and friends.
  • Loss of enjoyment in the practice of medicine and thoughts of changing careers.
  • Reduced energy and difficulty sleeping.

Questions about the program? Contact Lisa Van Duyn, Vice President, Risk Management, ( or 317-884-5623).