Custom Programs

Your healthcare liability insurance program can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs, group size, and expansion plans. ProAssurance has demonstrated expertise working with healthcare entities to create flexible solutions including branded risk purchasing groups, captives, Segregated Portfolio Companies, and more. We focus on treating you fairly.


This is a strong example of ProAssurance working with a very large healthcare organization to craft a program to that organization’s specifications. Certitude is a medical professional liability insurance program created with Ascension and underwritten by ProAssurance for physicians and related professionals affiliated with Ascension health ministries.

Integrating the importance of patient safety, the Certitude program first began insuring physicians in early 2011. More than 20 Health Ministries in 12 states are now participating, with additional health ministry involvement under development.

Visit the Certitude website to see the Ascension health ministries in this custom program.


If you are an insuring entity, you can find additional success from pairing with ProAssurance—as is the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP).

Large facilities and physician groups in certain U.S. western states now can benefit from this unique risk purchasing group program. CAPAssurance is offered through CAP with the same type of coverage it has offered since 1977; it is underwritten by ProAssurance Group, rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Whether you currently offer malpractice insurance or are interested in using a risk purchasing group format and ProAssurance’s resources, we can help. Leverage our tools, resources, and financial strength to help you create a strong program.

Visit CAPAssurance’s website to learn more.

Lloyd’s of London Facility Solution

As a substantial capital provider to Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 1729, ProAssurance highly regards Dale Underwriting Partners’ underwriting ability for a wide array of property and casualty business.

Risks covered include large property risks and healthcare professional liability reinsurance, general liability, and workers’ compensation.

If you have reinsurance needs or a risk you’d like considered, please email Dale Underwriting Partners at

Visit Dale Underwriting Partners’ website to learn more.

Agency-Owned Captives, Risk Purchasing Groups

Agencies may wish to start their own segregated portfolio company captive or risk purchasing group, and ProAssurance can help. An example of an agency-owned captive for which we assisted formation is that of the WMS Holdings Risk Purchasing Group (WMSH RPG), a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Medical Society’s for-profit arm. ProAssurance assists agencies not affiliated with a medical society, as well.

The Wisconsin Medical Society wanted to have more control over the insurance program it offered to its members. They were willing to take on some risk for the potential upside of sharing in good outcomes, and they are satisfied with their decision.

Ask ProAssurance to help you examine if there is potential benefit in starting a segregated portfolio company captive or starting a risk purchasing group.


Your hospital, healthcare system, or physician group can benefit from the flexible deductible program, ProControlSM—offering you more control over claims handling and customized solutions for your healthcare professional liability needs.

ProControl can help you make the most of your entity’s variables for risk sharing in a three-tiered program, giving you more options and the potential for savings in proportion to the risk you retain.

Visit the ProControl page for more information.

ProAssurance Complex Medicine (ProCxM)

Your large healthcare entity or system may benefit from ProAssurance Complex Medicine (ProCxM). ProCxM can help safeguard many hospital types including acute care, psychiatric, rehab and long-term acute care, children’s, etc.

Solutions range from lead umbrella, captive reinsurance, follow-form excess, and standalone tail policies to nontraditional structures like stretched aggregates, loss-sensitive placements, and manuscript policy forms.

ProCxM is offered in collaboration with Pro-Praxis, an underwriting agency specializing in the healthcare industry. Policy limits of up to a total of $35M are available, with $25M from ProAssurance and an additional $10M through Pro-Praxis.

For more information, contact Patrick O’Doherty at 205.802.4762, or email You can also contact Bob Allen at 212.401.1561, or email