Report a Claim

ProAssurance Claims

Claims Intake Line: 877-778-2524



Claims Intake Line: 844-466-7225, option 5


Whether calling or emailing, in order to ensure a thorough first notice of incident, claim or suit, please provide the information listed below. A Claims Specialist will contact you within two business days.

  • Your full name as claim reporter
  • Your phone number
  • Your company
  • Has this matter been reported previously?
  • Reason for the report
  • Insured full name
  • Insured policy number
  • Insured practice state
  • Patient name
  • Any pertinent legal document or letters

After Hours Triage

If you require immediate assistance outside of business hours, our Claims department regional leadership will work with you to coordinate an action plan.

Gina Harris, Regional Claims Executive, West (orange)

Laura Ekery, Regional Vice President, Southwest (red)

Mike Severyn, Regional Claims Executive, Midwest (light green)

Frank Bishop, Regional Claims Executive, Southeast (dark green)

Mark Lightfoot, Regional Claims Executive, Northeast (purple)

ProAssurance national map with business regions


Cyber liability protection with CyberAssurance Plus is included in certain healthcare professional liability policies, and expanded cyber coverage is offered through ProSecure. Both are underwritten by Tokio Marine HCC, formerly NAS Insurance Services, LLC. 

In addition to the ProAssurance Claims Intake System, cyber claims can be reported directly to Tokio Marine.

    • Call 818-382-2030 (8 a.m.- 5 p.m. PT)
    • After regular business hours, on weekends, or holidays call: 888-627-8995

What to Have Ready When Reporting a Claim

Having the following information and documents at hand will help save you time.

  • Patient or claimant name and date of birth
  • Documents outlining the allegations, dates of alleged negligence, and/or request for appearance
  • Date you received the documents, along with how they were received
  • A copy of the patient’s medical records, if available
  • A copy of the incident report completed by you, if available
  • The name and address of the contact person at your practice
    • The best time to reach that individual

When to Report a Claim  

Contact us immediately if:

  • You or your practice receive legal papers naming you, your practice, or any of your practice’s employees as a defendant.
  • A patient or patient’s relative demands compensation for medical services you or your practice provided. 
  • A patient or patient’s relative delivers a verbal or written threat to pursue legal action as a result of treatment you or your practice provided.
  • An attorney contacts you about the care and treatment given to a patient.
  • You receive a request for a patient’s medical records for reasons other than transfer of care.
  • An adverse event occurs that you think could become a claim.
  • You receive a licensure or board complaint.

Report Potential Claim Warning Signs

The sooner we are aware of medical incidents that could potentially lead to legal proceedings or patient complaints, the better. Situations which may lead to a claim include:

  • A patient experiences a significant, unexpected adverse outcome
  • You suspect an error or omission occurred in providing medical treatment
  • A patient expresses dissatisfaction with the treatment you provided
  • Another healthcare provider is involved in a legal action with one of your current or previous patients
  • A member of your staff informs you of a potential patient incident

 What Happens After You Report a Claim?

ProAssurance will assign a Claims Specialist to work closely with you and your assigned defense counsel. They will maintain ongoing communications and attend interviews, depositions mediations, and trials to help ensure the best defense of your claim.

A ProAssurance defense is like no other. We choose your legal defense team from a select group of defense attorneys experienced in healthcare professional liability litigation—with a track record and expertise in the specific type of malpractice related to your case. Our Claims Specialists have extensive knowledge of local claims, legal, and professional liability environments to help prepare an optimal defense.

Your Claims Specialist will assist you with every aspect of the claims process. For basic information, review our list of claims dos and don'ts.