Claims Dos and Don'ts

Do report the claim or incident to our claims intake personnel immediately by calling 877-778-2524 or emailing

Do maintain all of your original records in a safe place for future reference.

Do cooperate completely with your Claims Specialist, defense counsel, and other individuals assigned to your case.

Do provide a copy of the patient’s medical records if they are requested in writing by the patient or their legal representative. Have the patient sign a HIPAA-compliant authorization form before you release their records.

Don’t alter the patient’s medical records. Doing so will negatively impact your defense and may void your insurance coverage.

Don’t file a copy of the written claim report with the patient’s medical record; keep it in a separate, confidential file.

Don’t chart any discussions you have with your Claims Specialist or defense attorney in the patient’s medical record.

Don’t make any personal comments about a patient or state any opinions regarding the care rendered or standard of care in your written claim report. Simply document the objective facts of the case.

Don’t discuss the case with, or provide correspondence to, anyone other than a representative from ProAssurance or your attorney.

If you would like more detailed information about claims management or the litigation process, please call 877-778-2524 and ask for a ProAssurance Claims Specialist for your state.