New Secure Services Portal Sign-In Process

ProAssurance works hard to provide a safe and secure sign in process to your online account. Beginning Wednesday, February 28, 2018, ProAssurance will require all Secure Services Portal (SSP) users to complete multi-factor authentication (MFA) when signing into your account. MFA is a common cybersecurity method that uses two or more unique identity verification “factors” to sign you in to your account.

This new process affects all SSP users, including agents, policyholders, insureds, and employees in the healthcare professional liability division.

Your first identity “factor” is your ProAssurance account username and password. You will not be asked to change your current password. Your second, new MFA “factor” will be a unique access code.

You will have three options to choose from to get your access code:

  • Text message: You enter your mobile phone number and we text you a six-digit access code to enter into the sign-in screen.
  • Automated voice call: Instead of a text, answer an automated voice call and listen for your five-digit access code. Enter this code into the sign-in screen. Note: This option allows you to use your mobile or office phone number.
  • “Google Authenticator” mobile phone application: Download and use the “Google Authenticator” mobile application to receive a six-digit access code. Enter this code to sign in.

Once you establish MFA, you will be signed in to your account.

The first time you sign in after establishing MFA, you will have the option to select “Do not challenge me on this device for the next 90 days.” This option allows you to bypass working through your MFA option every time you sign in for 90 days. After 90 days, ProAssurance will ask you to re-verify your MFA preference to remain compliant with security and regulatory standards.

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication Required?

Factors in addition to your password allow for an extra layer of security. ProAssurance’s decision to require MFA is part of keeping pace with today’s challenging cyber threat environment.

Ensuring your information is protected adheres to our pledge to treat you fairly. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the MFA implementation process.

Contact Web Support

To make the new sign in process as easy as possible for our valued accountholders, our web support team stands ready to assist you. If you have questions about the multi-factor authentication process in advance—or as you work through it—email Web Support at, or call 205.439.7956 during regular business hours.

Visit for more information and FAQs.

About Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is a common approach to increasing cyber security of information systems. It’s utilized by financial service organizations such as banks and insurance companies to confirm a user’s identity with more than just a password. Increasingly, regulators are requiring additional security for customer data with this method.

Examples of authentication methods that you likely use include entering your zip code at a gas pump or entering your PIN at an ATM. MFA strikes a balance between additional security and convenience for end-users.