COVID-19 Memo From ProAssurance Chief Medical Officer

To our valued ProAssurance customers,

It would be presumptuous to of us to “educate” physicians about COVID-19 prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. You are the professionals and experts on the front lines of healthcare delivery.

ProAssurance can, however, provide you with a few suggestions and informational sources.

Our advice is to plan for the worst scenario and work toward the best outcome. We encourage strong infection control practice and prevention and patient triage strategies to help mitigate the spread of the Novel Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued multiple guidance statements designed to assist healthcare professionals. What Healthcare Personnel Should Know about Caring for Patients with Confirmed or Possible COVID-19 Infection discusses infection prevention and control.

The CDC has other excellent resources available for download including fact sheets, handouts, and posters regarding COVID-19. Many are available in several languages. Click here to access and download these resources.

Supplies necessary for your clinical practice may be in short supply due to supply chain disruptions. Check non-perishable items and consider the levels you need to sustain patient care due to a supply interdiction. Perishable items or those with extremely short shelf lives may be problematic as stock increases may not be prudent.

Also important are the office supplies needed to run your practice, even things as mundane as printer cartridges, for example. Take inventory of those items as well.

Consider the impact on your office or facility staffing in the event of daycare and school closings as well as ill staff members. Unfortunately, for the majority of physicians, we do not have the capability and luxury of remote work as some businesses do.

Here are a few links that may be of interest and helpful to you:

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