Hurricane Ida and Your Professional Liability Coverage

Our thoughts are with insureds affected by Hurricane Ida. As impacted states begin to recover, ProAssurance is ready to provide information and assistance related to professional liability concerns.

The storm has likely interrupted business, and ProAssurance is committed to treating you fairly with flexibility regarding payments, applications, and similar operations if you or your practice were impacted by the hurricane.

Frequent risk management questions following extreme weather include missing or damaged medical records, destruction of medications, notifying patients, and more. If you have questions, call our Risk Resource Advisor line at 844-223-9648 and select option 1, or email

For other questions regarding your professional liability policy, please contact the following:

    • Claims: 877-778-2524
    • Coverage: 800-252-3628
    • All Other Questions: 800-282-6242

Insured physicians providing medical care or contemplating aiding victims should be aware that their professional liability insurance is in effect, including volunteer efforts.