ProAssurance Specialty Merger and Name Change

ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. is a property and casualty insurer eligible to conduct E&S business in all states and the District of Columbia except for Alabama, California, Massachusetts, and New York. It provides, through insurance E&S brokers, a market for tailored products to address healthcare professional liability coverage needs.

Effective December 31, 2021, ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. will merge with and into affiliate Noetic Specialty Insurance Company and change its name to ProAssurance Specialty Insurance Company. This merger and name change will be reflected on a policy endorsement that will be attached to all policies in-force on the effective date of the change and distributed to affected policyholders.

The merger is part of our internal statutory consolidation efforts to reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency. The merger of our E&S companies provides a stronger E&S company and allows us to write E&S business on a single company in all states. Service availability, and contacts for our ProAssurance Specialty insureds and agents will remain the same following this change.