Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and Your Liability Coverage

As Texas, Florida, and surrounding states recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, ProAssurance stands ready to provide our insureds with information and assistance to help with related professional liability issues and concerns.

If you have concerns regarding your professional liability policy related to the effects of Hurricanes Harvey or Irma, please contact the following:

> Risk Management Questions: 844.223.9648
> Claims Questions: 877.778.2524
> Coverage Questions: 800.252.3628
> All Other Questions: 800.282.6242

ProAssurance continually monitors statements from Departments of Insurance for Orders, Bulletins, and Directives related to professional liability coverage and our insureds. We will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates to this page.

Texas, Florida, and Georgia Departments of Insurance have issued the following statements concerning the recent hurricanes:

Texas Commissioner’s Bulletin:

Florida’s Order:

Georgia Directive: