ProAssurance Endows Medical School Chair for Physician Wellness

On Sept. 6, ProAssurance Corporation announced a $1.5 million endowment to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) for an academic chair and research program. The endowment is the first of its kind in the U.S. and will help support university-led research for improving physician wellness.

An additional $500,000 gift was announced for physician wellness initiatives at UAB. ProAssurance has also planned a financial gift for the UAB School of Nursing.

ProAssurance is committed to supporting physicians in the communities and constituencies we serve. Each year, ProAssurance donates a portion of its earnings to local charities as part of the ProAssurance Fund of Greater Birmingham.

"Physicians have always been subject to the high levels of stress from a variety of factors such as society's expectations for successful outcomes, the threat of litigation and the effect of their professional obligations on the quality of their lives, and their families' lives,” ProAssurance Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stan Starnes said. “As medicine evolves to address the changing dynamic of healthcare in America, we must find ways to address these pressures."

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