Online Security for Secure Services Portal Users

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the responsible approach for insurance and financial organizations that provide online account services given the current cyber and regulatory environment. ProAssurance is committed to providing a safe and secure sign-in process to our secure services portal (SSP). Therefore, MFA will be a standard part of the sign-in process for our agents and insurance customers beginning February 28, 2018.

About Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is a common method for protecting personal information. It combines “Something You Know” with “Something You Own.” Examples of authentication methods that you likely use include:

  • Entering your zip code at a gas pump when using your credit card
  • Entering your PIN at an ATM
  • Answering a personal security question to access your bank account information
  • Using your thumbprint to unlock your mobile phone

MFA is an additional layer of security after your password that protects your account information. It strikes a balance between increased cybersecurity and convenience for end-users. Multiple factors are unique to you, utilizing a piece of information or resource only you have.

How to Establish Multi-Factor Authentication

The first time you sign in to the SSP on or after February 28, 2018, ProAssurance requires you to establish multi-factor authentication (MFA).

After correctly entering your current password, you will be directed to the MFA options screen to choose from:

  • Text message: Enter your mobile phone number to receive a unique six-digit access code, and then enter the code to sign in to the SSP.
  • Automated voice call: Instead of a text, answer an automated voice call to receive a five-digit access code. This option allows you to use your office or home phone number. Enter this code to sign in.
  • "Google Authenticator" mobile phone application: Download the Google Authenticator mobile application to your mobile phone. Use the application to receive a six-digit access code and enter this code to sign in.

ProAssurance will require MFA re-authentication every 30 days to safeguard the integrity of our information systems and help protect your online security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is multi-factor authentication required?

Yes, beginning February 28, 2018.

2. How often will I have to complete MFA?

You will have to complete MFA each time you sign in to your account on a new device or use a new web browser unless you check the box labelled “recognize me on this device” during sign-in.

By checking the box, you’ll be able to defer MFA re-authentication for a period of time on future visits. If you do not check the box, you will need to provide your password and work through your chosen MFA option every time.

For users who check “remember me,” ProAssurance will require MFA re-authentication every 30 days to safeguard the integrity of our information systems and help protect your online security.

3. What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, contact Web Support at 205-439-7956, or email You may also use the “Forgot Password” link on the Sign-In page.

4. What if I change my name, email address, or password?

If you change your name, email address, or password in “Account Preferences,” you will receive an email confirmation. If you receive a confirmation email and did not request a change to your account, follow the link provided to lock your account.

5. Can I lock my account?

Yes; you can lock your account if you receive an email about changes made to your “Account Preferences” (name, email address, password) that you did not authorize. You will follow the instructions in the confirmation email to lock your account. Contact Web Support immediately if you suspect anything out of the ordinary with your ProAssurance account.

To successfully unlock your account, contact the Web Support team. Contact them at 205-439-7956 during regular business hours, or email

6. Who do I contact if I need help?

If you have questions, call Web Support at 205-439-7956 during regular business hours, or email


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