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Addressing Ob-Gyns’ Unique Risk with a Commitment to Patient Safety

 Your important work as an Ob-Gyn involves unique challenges and liability risk exposures. You can benefit from a medical professional liability program created to help you address your singular experience: the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance.

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When you participate in the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance, you are part of an unrivaled ob-gyn underwriting pool that commits to putting patients first and reducing risk. All Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance members engage in risk management activities to help achieve those goals. And your policy is backed by the experience, strength, and security of a ProAssurance Group company, rated A (Excellent) by AM Best.


Having a program designed around your needs makes a difference. The Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance addresses the distinctive patient safety issues and professional liability insurance needs that only your specialty faces. With ob-gyns being frequent targets of malpractice lawsuits, the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance works to help you reduce uncertainty and increase control within your practice. This is done through programs and resources to address changing needs.

Your best interests are front and center through practicing Ob-Gyns who comprise our board of directors and participate in claims and underwriting committees. Program advantages include: an up-front risk management premium credit; enhanced policy terms in most states; potential profit sharing; a personalized, differentiated difference from experts specializing in ob-gyn defense; and exclusive access to an ongoing, evolving collection of in-person and online educational resources and activities.


Enhanced patient safety and improved outcomes dramatically reduce the risk and stress of claims that Ob-Gyns face—resulting in fewer claims and fair premiums. Just as medicine is an evolving science, reducing risk is an ongoing process.

Visit the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance website to find out how you can benefit from joining your ob-gyn colleagues in addressing risk through the Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance.

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