Divisions and Programs

Whether you want to address medical professional liability for a health system, hospital, or facility, for physicians and groups or for allied healthcare providers, ProAssurance has a variety of products and programs to suit your unique needs.

ProAssurance Group subsidiaries offer unique coverage options for healthcare providers such as dentists, chiropractors, and podiatrists. Liability for coverage for medical technology and life sciences products, as well as workers' compensation, are available through ProAssurace subsidiaries. Visit ProAssuranceGroup.com to learn more.

Medical Professional Liability Division

Hospitals and other healthcare entities, along with physicians, groups, and allied healthcare providers, face a rapidly changing healthcare environment. To insure today’s medical risks wisely, it’s important to consider effective—including nontraditional yet not uncommon—options to meet your critical needs. No matter your requirements, ProAssurance’s Medical Professional Liability Division offers a full spectrum of solutions to help you address your unique situation and risk. 

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Preferred Physicians Group

Preferred Physicians Medical Risk Retention Group, a Mutual Insurance Company (PPM) is the only company of its kind in America — an anesthesia focused medical professional liability insurance provider.

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Ob-Gyn Risk Alliance Program (OBRA)

Obstetricians and Gynecologists can access a professional liability insurance program designed exclusively for them … with an unrivaled purchasing group for underwriting risk. OBRA serves these specialists’ specific needs and provides a patient safety program. Members are eligible for a profit-sharing premium renewal credit if the program experiences favorable loss ratios.

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Certitude Program

Physicians who are affiliated with a participating Ascension health ministry have access to the Certitude healthcare professional liability program. Underwritten by ProAssurance Corporation companies*, Certitude was created to provide unique benefits, including superior claims results. The program focuses on risk management, patient safety, joint defense where feasible, and competitive rates.

*ProAssurance Indemnity, Inc. and ProAssurance American Mutual, A Risk Retention Group.

Learn more about the Certitude program and services available to certain health ministry-affiliated physicians.

ProAssurance Agency

ProAssurance Agency serves direct customers with various business insurance coverage offerings. This includes dental professional liability coverage in Alabama and excess and surplus lines placements for appointed agents and brokers nationwide.

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Inova Captive Insurance

Alternative insurance, commonly known as a ‘captive’ is a stable, secure solution for those companies where traditional insurance may not be the best fit. When organizations want to consider a captive option, Inova can help them maintain better control over workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance costs and outcomes. This option also offers the opportunity to share in underwriting profits and investment income by virtue of its successful Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) structure, in place since 1998.

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