Large Financial Reinsurance Transactions

Large healthcare organizations can benefit from participating in sizable financial reinsurance transactions to help even out substantial, and often unpredictable, costs. Such transactions are an important part of your capital management strategy, with ProAssurance as your ideal reinsurance partner.

Since unpredictable losses can be catastrophic and new opportunities immense, financial reinsurance programs can help you plan for maximum losses and move forward with new opportunities—thereby smoothing out results. Your reinsurance partner accepts some risk on your portfolio reinsured under the financial reinsurance contract. Repayment may be linked to a financial metric of your reinsured organization with a structured timetable.

Among the business goals financial reinsurance can help your large organization achieve, consider how this option may help you acquire financing for an acquisition or joint venture.


Shep Tapasak
Senior Vice President, Specialty Underwriting

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