Loss Sensitive Programs

Large healthcare organizations may realize savings and cash flow advantages by taking on part of their risk in a loss sensitive healthcare liability insurance program through ProAssurance. Your organization’s risk assumption affects your program’s total cost, and your choice of collateral is also important.

Up-front costs for a loss sensitive program are lower than those of standard coverage, with final premium based on your program term’s actual losses. A proactive risk management program is key to your organization’s ability to achieve lower costs.

Loss-sensitive program options from ProAssurance provide a strong solution for your organization’s unique situation, with your choice of upper limits to help stabilize costs. Whether it is a deductible, retrospective rating, dividend, retention plan, etc., we work to help you craft an approach consistent with your organization’s risk philosophy, goals, and needs. Choose our deep understanding of healthcare loss experience and claims handling to benefit your organization.


Shep Tapasak
Senior Vice President, Specialty Underwriting

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