Cybersecurity Coverages

Your healthcare entity is a hub of confidential and personal medical information you use while treating patients. This information is among the most valuable type of data stolen by cyber attackers. Cyber security infractions can result in substantial fines for healthcare entities.

Your medical professional liability policy provides you with CyberAssurance® Plus coverage at no additional charge. This coverage helps give you more control and lessen daily uncertainties.

CyberAssurance® Plus for Physicians, Hospitals and Facilities

Your CyberAssurance® Plus coverage provides protection against risks associated with cyber threats. These critical coverage enhancements are included in physician, hospital, and facility policies:

  • Multimedia Liability—for claims alleging copyright/trademark infringement, libel and slander, plagiarism, and personal injury resulting from the dissemination of media material.
  • Security and Privacy Liability—for losses and defense costs associated with a wrongful act resulting in a breach.
  • Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties—regulatory fines and penalties and/or a regulatory compensatory award, and defense costs from security or privacy breaches.
  • Network Asset Protection—loss of digital assets through damage, alteration, corruption, distortion, theft, misuse or destruction. Plus failure of the computer system and non-physical business interruption and extra expenses.
  • Cyber Extortion—coverage for expenses incurred and monies paid for a threat.
  • Cyber Terrorism—coverage for income loss, business interruption expenses, and special expenses incurred from a total or partial interruption of the computer system.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Assessment—coverage for claim expenses, assessments, and fines imposed by banks and credit card companies from non-compliance or payment card company rules.
  • BrandGuard®—coverage for lost revenue as a result of an adverse media report, or customer notification of security or privacy breaches.

CyberAssurance® Plus also provides expanded coverage for privacy breach response costs, patient notification expenses, and patient support and credit monitoring:

  • Proactive Privacy Breach Response Costs—coverage for public relations expenses incurred from a breach before an incident occurs. This can avert or mitigate the potential impact an adverse media report can have on your reputation.
  • Voluntary Notification Expenses—coverage for expenses incurred to notify affected parties of a privacy breach.

Understanding what is covered in your medical professional liability policy is important for healthcare professionals who are worried about cyber risks. To learn more about your cyber coverage options, contact your ProAssurance agent.



CyberAssurance® Plus

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ProSecure® is an extension to CyberAssurance® Plus, providing physicians higher cyber liability limits plus coverage for errors & omissions and regulatory risk protection.

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