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The aging of America’s population is an undeniable trend. According to census data, the number of older Americans is not only significant, but expected to grow rapidly. Furthermore, average life expectancy has increased by several years over the past two decades.

As the healthcare industry evolves to meet the demands for seniors, we must address existing and emerging senior care risks and in the event of a claim, understand the proper way to respond.

Senior Care Facility Liability Protection

The ProAssurance Senior Care team is dedicated to the sector and offers stock and custom insurance solutions. We are willing to write the full spectrum of senior care, from independent living to skilled nursing. Our appetite is flexible and each account is underwritten based on its own merits.

We work with you to tailor solutions that meet your client’s specific risk tolerance and objectives. The ProAssurance Senior Care team understands every aspect of medical and facility liability from underwriting to risk management to claims. Our tailor-made coverage and knowledge of risk helps bring stability to this long-tail severity insurance market.

Managing Senior Care Liability Claims

Claims in senior care facilities are much different than claims against other types of healthcare providers. Understanding the unique challenges of our senior care insureds helps us appropriately shape and support their defense when a claim is made against them.

All ProAssurance senior care claims are managed through a carefully-established Senior Care Claims Team. This team is composed of senior care liability professionals working with national counsel to offer insight and strategies learned managing senior care claims of all types and sizes.

When a claim is submitted, a dedicated industry Senior Care claims specialist is assigned to provide a consistent direct point of contact for all ongoing claims communications.

Risk Management for Senior Care Insureds

All Senior Care insureds will receive the following value-added Risk Resource services at no additional charge:

  • Assistance from a Patient Safety Risk Resource Advisor
  • Access to our Risk Resource staff via email or helpline during regular business hours
  • eBlasts sent twice yearly, addressing senior care industry trends and topics of interest with embedded links to articles, topics, and data—including Vital Signs, a case history of a senior care medical malpractice claim with risk reduction strategies.
  • Risk Resource Guidelines for ProAssurance Insured Healthcare Organizations (available Q1 2020), providing to-the-point information on insureds’ most vexing topics
  • Key Considerations news for healthcare organizations

Small insured facilities are required to participate in online clinical learning programs (with continuing education credits) designed to reduce areas of highest risk to senior care residents. This includes wound care and pressure injury prevention, fall prevention and management, and dementia care and elopement. All are known significant claims drivers in the senior care setting.

Senior Care insureds with $100,000 or more in premium are required to participate in an annual onsite assessment with a written report, providing insureds with opportunities for improvement on professional liability concerns with actionable risk reduction strategies. A six-month telecommunication follow-up assessment to determine overall compliance with risk reduction strategies provides additional feedback. Visit the Risk Management section for more information.

COVID-19 Resources for Senior Care Insureds

Lisa VanDuyn, Vice President, Patient Safety & Service Excellence, has also put together a guide for senior living insureds. Read it here.

For up to the minute information about COVID-19 visit the CDC or WHO websites.

Contact Mike Iovine, Assistant Vice President, ProAssurance Senior Care at 205-877-4420 or email for more information.

Senior Care Claims Team Bios

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Senior Care Flyer

Senior Care Flyer 

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Read an update from Lisa Van Duyn, Vice President, Patient Safety & Service Excellence.

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Contact Mike Iovine, Assistant Vice President, ProAssurance Senior Care at 205-877-4420 or email for more information.

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