Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

ProAssurance is committed to helping you access a single-source solution for your organization. You can choose from a spectrum of solutions from simple to sophisticated, backed by over 30 years of experience insuring hospitals and healthcare systems. 

You can feel confident with an insurer that helps your organization prevent claims and has superior financial stability and flexibility.

Choose a strong insurance solution from a variety of traditional approaches, risk sharing programs, and alternative risk programs. ProAssurance can also tailor a custom program to fit your needs.

Traditional Approaches

Smaller hospitals and healthcare systems often favor first-dollar coverage or deductible options. Some may require excess and surplus lines coverage. Traditional approaches provide you with a variety of choices. Contact your ProAssurance agent, broker, or business development representative for further information.

Rating Plans & Risk Financing Options

Large hospitals and healthcare systems may want to share risk and rewards for good outcomes according to the level of risk your organization wants to assume. These include:

ProAssurance can help you solve your most complex and unconventional risk valuation and financing needs.

Alternative Risk Programs

Very large healthcare systems may want to consider a turnkey captive solution through our Inova® program—or may desire Complex Risk Valuation and Financing Solutions or Loss Portfolio Transfer Programs. Learn more about alternative risk transfer.

No matter the size of your hospital and healthcare system professional liability risk, ProAssurance can help you make it simple to choose a solution to address your organization’s unique needs. Access an innovative solution for your organization, backed by ProAssurance’s financial strength and risk management strategies.

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